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  • lovewookie

    I’m scouting about for any deals anyone knows of.

    Currently with Tiscali for BB and BT phone (we had to have a BT line for 12 months before we could change supplier).

    I quite like Tiscali, no problems in my old house, this one I think may have some very old wiring as I only get around 1meg, but anyway….

    Bit annoyed as I’ve been a Tiscali customer for some time now, and their line rental/phone/broadband package for £15 a month, which was what I was on in the old house, only applies to new customers.

    so, at present we’re paying about £32 per month for broadband, phone line and evening and weekend calls.

    Most new offers I’ve seen are about £25 per month for similar (albeit with introductory offers for the first 3 months).

    Are there any deals going at the moment that are worthwhile?


    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    O2 home broadband..

    £7.47 a month.

    20mb download speed.. ( I get just over 15 most days….)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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