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  • Decent 160mm air fork?
  • X fusion vengeance get good reviews.

    Totems are heavy, I’d go for as newer Lyrik as poss


    There’s a uturn lyrik on eBay ATM which fits your criteria, £300 or offer. Since it’s a straight 1.5 steerer I’d be tempted to go for a cheeky offer, the steerer must limit the amount of people who’d be interested.


    i just got a 2013 marz 55CR which is very good so far (2 rides), simple to set up, nothing fancy.

    they have spacers for 170, 150 and 130 travel but my bike shop can one on the spacers in half to give me 140 travel, so 160 will be just as easy.


    Finally sold my bmx so I have some funds to go towards a better fork for my Voltage. It’s currently set up 150mm rear and with a 160mm 55 RC3 (2009) which is ok but it’s pretty heavy and due to the air preload feels pretty notchy and isn’t as smooth or plush as any rock shox forks I’ve used. I’ve removed the foam rings which helped a bit but it’s still not great. I’d prefer an air fork as they’re much easier to adjust and I always seem to sit inbetween coil weights – that being said my Sektor is about right with a standard spring so maybe RS coil I can get away with?

    So, who makes a good 160mm air fork these days? I’ve generally got on well with Rock Shox stuff, always feels nice to me. So was just thinking about a Lyrik or maybe even an air Totem and either running the frame in 180mm settings, or lowering that to 160mm. There’s someone I’m messaging on Pinkbike potentially selling their Totem RC2DH solo air for a good price so any experience with that?

    Travel adjust/u-turn would be nice but not essential. Needs to be 20mm maxle.

    Budget will be about £300 second hand. My frame has a 1.5″ headtube so I can get away with any kind of steerer “standard” so may be able to pick up some bargains?


    Would love one of the new 55s as I’ve heard how good they are, but are way too expensive.

    Which Lyrik models were the ones to avoid?


    Also, Fox 36 – any good? I know fox have a bad rep for needing regular maintenance, which I happen to hate doing, but is that a myth or are they not for people who like to fit and forget?

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    Had 36’s from back in 06, service interval about once a year. Seals are fairly dead and there is a very small patch of stanchion wear but they are 7 years old and work fine.

    Lower service is fairly easy and should be done on most forks, your looking second hand so warranty isn’t a concern. The 180 36’s might be something worth a look if you truly want a bigger bike.


    X-Fusion Slant is worth a look.
    Nice and light and gets good reviews.
    Voltages are great bikes and very adaptable.
    I run mine at 160mm rear travel and ride everything from xc loops to 30+ foot jumps.
    Totems are great but weigh loads, lots of the weight is in the lowers so Air Totems probably aren’t what you’re after.


    Lyriks to avoid are the older 2 step air versions (pretty unreliable). Also the Lyrik R which is found as OEM on some bikes has more basic damping.


    i got marz 55 crs lowered to 150 on my bandit. love em

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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