Debt collector at door next week so bike related stuff to shift.

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  • Debt collector at door next week so bike related stuff to shift.
  • No word of a lie, had an accident early Nov through no fault of my own.

    Living off mum for food, it is that bad, no apparent help elsewhere available to me.
    Therefore I have no choice but to sell on here all bike related stuff.

    Have a list which I haven’t even made yet. ( read not wanting to but reality of this £#!T is kickin in )
    But ask and he (I) shall find.

    Will compose a breakdown of what I have in spares and in the kitchen units stashed sometime later or soon.

    Like said just ask.



    Are you living at your mum’s? Have you spoken to Citizen’s Advice? I would speak to these first. Also have a look on some consumer forums as loads of advice out there on dealing with this stuff. An accident in November should be resulting in debt collectors at this stage, as they haven’t had chance to go through the correct procedures.

    I’m not sure what they are allowed to take if they do come, but if you have bikes you can always sell them to a friend for a nominal amount £1 so they can’t take them, as they aren’t yours for them to take. But best of luck anyway! And if you do sell, I’m in need of spares at the moment… 😉

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    Hide all the stuff you can with your freinds and relatives if you want to keep it, as thier recovery only applies to your address and your address only. Just bag it up and shift it asap. It may help if you list all the items and where you leave them to help you at a later date. Good luck, wish I could help.


    Sounds very good advice from snax…hope things work out tim…

    Cab, have been to but just read off govt screen and have no answers to my my real queations, just a “errrr that’s a bit of a tricky situtation your in” comment.

    Never going back to a cab office as they are a dump and that’s in a decent area and are enxt to useless and would rather drink coffee and laugh abot their last clients in a judgemental manner.

    No e,ergency grants except jobcentre one but do not want to borrow money and find myself going down that whole route.

    The Van Nich is as of 3hrs ago for sale as that will ease the debt built up over this time.

    Oh btw, Solictors that I have do not come cheap but that’s opening a whole different can of worms due to them pushing for my legal cover which was paid done dusted ages ago to then pay their firm to which I will find out some day / week soon!

    Tyring to keep my chin up but am swwiftly finding a very destructive and angry young man within when dealing with people who get in my way and not to mention those bottles of port which are going too quick.
    Oh and I have started to roll smokes again.

    This position I now find myself in is new to me and am literally taki each hour / day as it comes.

    Ok so will stumble down to garage and sort out carefully may I add the bike kit I have to my disposal.

    Then we’ll know where we are at.

    Thre’s no way they will get my SS bike or the 29 er which haven’t even had chance of riding yet due to broken bone, nerve damage to leg etc.

    Anyways, I’LL BE BACK!

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    Nowt other than chin up & healing vibes for your situation mate.
    Hang in there.

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    Snax is right.

    You shouldn’t be getting bailiffs in first week of Jan for something that happened in November.

    Bailiffs need a court order to remove your stuff. Whatever you do don’t let them in even if it’s embarrassing talking on the step.

    Stop The Bailiff!


    The CAG forum is a very good place to be. The specific thread linked is a tad old but look around there.

    Both links have advice lines (free).

    Pay particular attention to sections on ‘Bailiff powers’ and ‘what a bailiff can do’. They will almost always threaten to do things they aren’t legally allowed to.

    ALSO… AND VERY IMPORTANT… you should be allowed the opportunity to agree a payment plan.

    I’ve been in similar scrapes myself and I understand that you aren’t going to want to post the full story online (wouldn’t be a good idea anyway… google can be your enemy). Based on what you’ve said, there shouldn’t be bailiffs at this point.

    If in any doubt, get it hidden at your friends/relatives places (that you trust) – just OUT OF THE PROPERTY. If nothing else this will buy you breathing space to sell in a more controlled fashion, but you should be able to stop this from the sound of it.

    It is also very worth bearing in mind that a ‘debt collector’ and a ‘bailiff’ are *not* the same thing. A bailiff has certain powers to lighten you of goods. A debt collector is just that. A debt collector will talk a good fight but has very little power in law other than to write bills, collect money and take you to court.

    In the real world, ending up in court (while likely to result in a CCJ and a wrecked credit rating) can often be a good thing, as courts are frequently more lenient/reallistic in agreeing a repayment method/time.

    Hope this helps, but please don’t sell everything at giveaway prices in a hurry.

    You can get through this, it just might take a while.

    Right this is all I have to hand.

    Put it like this if I do not pay the bank soon then I have completely qrexked my credit rating which is good according to my advisor considering I have never owned a credit card or had a loan just a mobile contract, that I guess leaves me in goodish stead.
    Owe the landord a huageamount for 2months plus January coming up then father and mother plus he local shop for milk and eggs…

    See photos below, thankyou to all and specifically to the people who have posted ways around and posted links to advice on this.
    The cause was simple but is complex to say the least, I have not slept at all since early November and am lucky to see 14 hrs or so a week now.
    I tell myself to x2 mtfu and do but that entails a huge anger mission which always comes down to the dealer who left me witha tincking time bomb which very nearly killed me, not to mention all those other possible death trips as I rely daily on motorcycle as my transport.

    Most is new if not nearly new then some barely used tyres and headset parts and brand new mavic wheel bits etc.

    Any closeup detailed photos, jst ask ;D
    Will list what parts are what tomorrow no doubt at 4 in the morn because errrmm I’m keen seller, errr!

    Hi there,
    What are the maxxis tyres in the pic? Details please.
    Any lights / stems in there (its a little hard to tell).


    Think carefully and best of luck with it all. If you are comfy selling the stuff above I’m very interested in the full face helmet and the chain guide, email in profile re sizes etc, but think about yourself first and don’t sell under any pressure!


    Howdo, sad news Bud but chin up n don’t let the b@$7@2ds drag you down. That said could be interested in your lid. Is it brand new never seen sweat, bag and boxed? If so I’m defo. E-mail in profile. Cheers

    My bad, Maxxis Minion dhr and dhf 2.35″ super tacky ones that are folders too.
    Wanted to keep these but no bike to use them properly yet.
    Near enough hardly used but do show signs of part worn. No scrapes to sidewalls and are what I would consider pretty darn good condition and would cost best part of a ton now if not more.
    Reckon £65 posted give or take a fiver depending on postage costs for tyres.(?)
    I may be out that price but again unsure what tyres go for.

    1x Continental der kasier 2.5″ pretty worn tbh and only good for using on a rear iirc on a DH steed. No damage to sidewalls but show tread ripped in some places but still intact or ish. £19 posted as was £60 tyre.

    1x Wtb prowler MX 2.5″ which is primarily a front which is a large volume super tacky tyre with great fast abilities to rip it up. £20 posted as very good condition.

    The chain device is a Race face Atlas FR and is iscg 05 or bottom bracket mounted which has seen a short period of use works great with Race face Atlas FR crankset. £100 or so new therefore £35 posted.

    Got 1x Race face spider kit with spacers and bolts which came with my new Atlas FR cranks. £10 posted.
    Got 2 x new packets of Race face chain ring bolts and shorter ones too to work with single ring in packet. £8 posted for both sets

    The Dainese helmet states 58cm M but feels big for me and has soft density padded foam and is A stiff locking QR buckle which is easily adjusted in length.
    It has literally been used once round a up across and down joint of an hour or so on a cold day, comes with the tags if I can find them which I keep in with my Dainese motorcycle tags in a bag so will look and was purchased new from Bristol Dainese shop mail order in a plain box with the Dainese knee/shin pads I got at same time.
    Will look out the receipt tomorrow and get a best price posted.

    Is a real homemade designed and look to it with grafiti printed logo which looks like an inner layer of carbon fibre but is fiberglass and is the lightest full face ever made or held in my hand that is. Think niner fork weight in terms of against their competitors like fox 661 etc.

    Will take more photos of it asap for both of you. 🙂 the Fox v3 helmet bag is an extra I’m affraid and has a zipped pocket to side for sunnys gloves etc plus has a zip and velcro lifted handle to keep it secure in bag.

    A decent set of again one ride old Oakley goggles cost a cra crazy £50 or so in Oakley soft bag in Oakley box with snew spare tearoffs, reckoning £30 plus post.

    1 x Hope newish qith only two mediocre rides 183mm floating black spider rotor with the matching mount to fit frame.
    Actually cost me £45 from lbs so £24 posted I guess.

    Sorry no lights or stems to mention apart from a kore old skool nos but bears storage marks I seem to remember £12 posted. (?)

    New etc 31.6mm x 350mm silver seatpost in a Thomson bag with instructions and thomson sticker if you want for £20 posted.

    New Mavic UST valve(s?) / Mavic 10mm axle adaptors to turn a rear hub into accepting a bolted axle. Mavic 20mm front hub adaptors and rim strip to make tubeless and a set of decent qualtiy rim tape too.
    £30 posted the lot there.

    1x brake set to include bolts bosses for Inbred which are new in packaging £12 posted.

    Other ofd bits like Hope bar end plugs grey used with bolts for £6 posted.
    Shimano Bb tools for old Bbs, think un73 slyled bbs. £7 posted as the weight on postage.
    Lizard skins fork boots retro but hardly used n vivid blue, lizard skins shock boot black used 10 years ago but stores for much of that, and a lizard skins green headset cover too. £8 posted for the lot
    Thomson stem bag and was put in cupboard when purchased new stem and has not been put to use elsewhere, yet!
    PRICELESS! ;d but a nominal amount for that or maybe of buying other parts here from photo then free’ish if not free. 🙂

    Oh New in sealed packaging Mavic spoke tool made from Park Tool, £8 posted.

    Not to mention fork manuals for rockshox plenty of fox a few of with dvd and marzocchi one too with avid juicy and giant mph manual all free just pottage and time of packaging costs so £12 a shot, wee bit of my business humour coming thru, L.A.M.E. !

    Oh more to note from photo, is a new shimano xt rear skewer, a bolted used 10/12mm axle and a bontrager front QR skewer used. £9 posted, £7 posted and £4 posted respectively.

    A slightly used Old Hydrak cleaning kit with cleaning solution amd brushes which are great. £6 posted.

    A new set of protective ski/boarding gloves with what looks like to be incredibly tough kevlar outers and thermo inners with branded E logo will find out more later on.

    A Eiseneger classic analogue watch with stainless steel all round with a slight bronzy tinge which was an expensive dinner style/busiess style watch back in the day. Now a spare watch which iirc needs a new battery and that is all.

    And to top it off, have a signed Steve Peat Royal Racing T shirt from the NEC show back in 2001 as I rode one of the old GT XCR model which was my first proper bike.
    Has a great logo of him flying the flag on a GT DHI bike in his colours and all his classic flying glory.
    Has turned a bit pink from original white in wash from a fancy pink golf top but is signed in red marker so looks alright.

    Offers please as this was from the era of his first real success and at the time he just started to race on Orange bikes.

    There are other minor parts in available.
    Lots of new inner tubes from Intense, kenda for cheap with any tyres for free if genuinely needed to run the tyre of course.

    Sorry this for sale thread is all over the place.
    But for now every flippi graceful day is up in the air and all over the place, sob off and swig of port then chin up, ; D



    hello mate, i would be interested in the mavic 10mm rear axle adaptors.
    chrisd132(at)ymail dot com


    Hey Chris. Just sent an email re: Mavic 10mm adaptors.

    Tim 🙂


    sorry its come to this but if you want to sell I am interested in the hope rotor and mount. Can do £20 posted. email in profile?


    Could I have some pictures and sizes of the Kore Stem please?

    Not sure what your point is dirkpumpa!?

    Rotor is priced to clear tbfair considering it’s as new, £23 posted if your in similar boat as me.
    My email is onceinalifetime at tiscali co uk

    Kore stem will be 25.4mm diameter and no doubt a 120mm length but will confirm in a wee while.


    Mate! I deal with bailifs as part of my job. Chuck an email over if you want to some advice.
    The faith that people have in CAB scares me. Mostly well meaning volunteers. They phone me for advice when I’ve sent bailifs! Mental.

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    Hope it all works out for you.

    I’ll have the thomson seatpost if going please, if it’s not the one in the pic as that isn’t a thomson I’m sure?


    Sent payment of £23 for the rotor & mount.
    Good luck with the situation.


    this makes very sad reading,sorry to hear about your position,hope you come out the other end in one piece.
    are they a pair of 5/10`s in the pics? if so,what size,condition and price please.


    See! We do care! Just hope your not a banker!!! Cool, Just let me know, Happy New Year Bud.

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    Happy to take the hope bar end plugs off you

    Ill email you details – and chin up fella. A credit rating can be cleaned up easily and it’s of no use if you can’t actually pay stuff back. No harm in losing it at the minute

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    Email is bucklet72 (at) yahoo dot com


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    If you can let me know OP thanks.


    Still waiting for the rotor and mount. Happy to take a refund if you can’t post.


    did this have a happy ending,or just no ending at all?


    Still waiting for money, email or goods. No response from the seller to emails etc. You try and help a man out and this kind of thing happens. Bad form.


    Doesn’t look good! He could be locked up, or even worse………………..a BANKER!

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    Hope is all ok with OP but I’m out.

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