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  • Dearest gentlepersons; Mayhem team member required.
  • Premier Icon eth3er
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    We are one team member short of a five person mixed team at Mayhem, we are middling bunch with a decent support team. What I mean is we wont win but you’ll be well looked after. We are mostly based in Sheffield.

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    Ooooh! I’d have been dead keen for this. Knee’s been dodgy for a while, now riding pretty much as hard as I like with no pain. This would have been perfect timing, and good to get some time in the saddle before a SDW in a day ride coming up.

    But it’s the same weekend!

    Double nuts – Can’t do both, and being Mayhem weekend probably means it’s going to rain, too!

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find someone on here.

    Premier Icon eth3er
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    Bump; is this still a done thing.

    Premier Icon timnwild
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    How would you feel about a newbie? I’ve been riding for a long time, but I was actually planning my first team race to be Big Dog in Brighton in August.

    I’d love to have a go, but I don’t want to cramp your style.

    I’m mid-30s, medium fit, medium fast – just did London to Brighton in 4h 15. I am, however, from the South. Drink white wine every now and again, have an overpaid job that doesn’t really mean anything, all that. 😉

    Let me know.

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    hmm, I’m tempted. I’ve done an adventure race before but never an enduro. I’m a bit slow up hills though at the moment, was ill for 2 weeks at the start of May and that set my training back a little. Not sure if I’d be fit enough for you!

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    @Eth3er – YGM

    Premier Icon oldgit
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    Very tempted to do one again.

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