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  • Dear Friend….
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    It’s not often I get a message on STW – i was expecting this to be a reply about a free Reverb remote I offered – but no – finally my numbers have come up..

    Dear Friend,

    My name is Mrs Sue Saunders from Netherlands, I am a widow and an orphan, I lost my husband 5 years ago as a result of that i started drinking and smoking excessively, after that I was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs i dont know if it was due to my excessive smoking weed and tobacco,

    Life is too short so no matter what you have, as long as its material things ,its all vanity and you cant take it along when its time for you to go, the most important thing is live a good life.

    I want you to use my estate funds worth 8.3 Million USD, for the following reasons.

    1 donate to the orphanage homes
    2. Help the less privilege
    3 help the widows and widower
    4. Help children who have lost their parents during this Corona virus crisis.

    I have a lot to explain to you, contact me on, stay blessed.

    Mrs. Sue Saunders.

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    short legged horse

    Ah fuggit.

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    Mrs. Sue Saunders (user jegac1)

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