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  • Dear Bike Industry, make this e-bike
  • kelvin
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    I’d also want to buy frame only… I don’t see it being offered much though, as the battery and motor manufacturers will really want to know that the build was 100% if they have to back up any warranty.

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    I don’t own an eeb, but have friends who do.
    I suspect their priority number 1 would be “doesn’t break down”.
    From an external perspective, I really struggle with the idea that a bike that costs several thousand pounds is basically expected to break down at some point. I can’t understand why there isn’t uproar from the market for manufacturers to fix the reliability of the motors.

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    Decent warranty and reliability would be a good starting point for me… and transferable warranty

    If we have to pay so over the odds for these products, at least back them up with decent warranty

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    Has it not all got a bit market pull, rather than technology push?

    Consumers saw electric motors put on hybrids, city bikes and none gnar bikes ridden by non aggressive often older riders where they worked pretty much fine and said “I want one of those on my gnarpoon sled to make the ups a bit easier!”. The companies said “You sure?” and the punters said “Yeah, gimmie gimmie gimmie!” The rush to make coin and satisfy consumer demand meant stuff that was not really fit for purpose got put together and we now have what we have.

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    I just want a robust motor and the option to do software tweaks in an app. Everything else works quite well at the moment.
    Other industries have got robust and reliable submersible electric motors for various applications. You’d think the big players, like Bosh, could do it too. I assume it’s a cost & weight reason for the poor reliability?

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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