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  • Premier Icon brassneck

    Geax Saguaro TNT – 2.2 from On One @ £12.99. Absolute bargain.

    Probably a bit lightweight for your taste, but look on it as a skills sharpener.. they are really good.

    Only downside is the white wall graphic .. not to everyones taste!

    Premier Icon Clobber

    sticking with on-one, why not their chunky monkeys or smorgasbord?

    Bargain and made by maxxis

    My Smorgasbord / CM combo are the best tyres I’ve ever used.


    I’m in the market for some new tyres and wondered if anyone had seen any amazing decent deals kicking around?

    Ideally I want a front + rear 2.35 ish for tubeless. 26″
    I’ve recently had Mountain Kings (ideal but can’t find them cheap anywhere) and Hans Dampfs (marginally too big for my frame) so anything along those lines.


    I find Smorgs slippy as hell and CM collect mud a bit too easily IMO. Minions front and rear for me, super tacky front £21.99 and 60a rear also £21.99 at CRC. Best combo, tried many others but always come back to my Minions!


    +1 on Smorgasbord and Chunky. Favourite tyre here too, irrespective of price.


    Which are you guys running up front on the On One tyres – Smorgasbord or CM?

    Premier Icon wiggles

    Got a smorgasbord and hated it… CM is decent. Purgatorys can be had for £20 much better on the rear than a smorg IMO.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yeah, you tend not to get many discounts on Specialized (unless the amnesty is still on?) but they’re good value at rrp.

    Think every tyre I have on a bike currently was bought used though… Tyres are such a matter of taste and people are so fickle, lots of good ones out there. (again, Specialized- come as OEM on specialized bikes, people replace them instantly without ever trying them, I buy them, they fit overrated maxxis and schwalbe and the like)


    Specialized all the way for me. Great value and work really well. I particularly like Purgatorys and Ground Controls.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Smorgasbords are pretty poor IMO. For rocky terrain they’re not bad, but on anything natural or soft they were useless.

    The Geax Saguaro is possibly my new fave rear tyre! Really fast, way more grip than it looks like it should have, and it’s not paper thin either. I used to love the 2.25″ Crossmark, but sadly it’s not available for 29ers, but the Saguaro is and it’s a bloody excellent alternative!

    Spesh Purgs are good on the front IMO, too much drag on the rear. A Ground Control can be ok on the back.

    New fave front tyre is the Geax Goma. Imagine a 2.35 Single Ply Minion, but on a slight diet, faster rolling, and in an optimal 50a compound (rather than too soft/slow 42a or not sticky enough 60a), and that about sums it up! Can Zink has been putting these tyres to awesome use on his way to some of his most recent wins.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    mboy – Member

    Spesh Purgs are good on the front IMO, too much drag on the rear.

    Heh, they are my faster rolling option for the rear. Haven’t tried one on the front.

    That Goma looks cool… Geax are another CST brand aren’t they? Always a good start

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