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  • Dealextreme light qs
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    it’s in the middle and it’s red ?

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    The top one is very bright but it’s a very tight beam, great for the road, shite for off road and mine has been very unreliable. Both of them needed a bit of re-soldering.

    I would go with the P7. Better spread of light and the one I brought a couple of years ago has been faultless.

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    B – its red and will make you go faster

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    Planet x are selling some of these cheap

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    XML are brighter but a tighter beam than P7’s.
    Simply your looking at very cheap lights, so don’t be surprised if a bit of soldering is required long term.
    Personally I prefer the XML over the P7 (as above, others disagree), but then I have one of Smudge’s unit not a MS one. I believe Smudges has a better build, warranty, & maybe beam, though I’ve not seen an MS one to compare it with.
    If you get an XML one, and really find the beam too tight (though it’s an ace helmet light) different lenses are available to change it.

    As for value for money, much of muchness, as with all of them you get a bike light you’ll be able to ride at night with.

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    B – it has a better beam spread. I have one and they are great as an all round light – either bar or helmet mounted. I had one of the XML lights with smooth reflector, and they’re good for helmet or road use, but WAY too spotty as a sole light off road.

    And B is red, so it’s obviously better.

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    I have A I use it off road fine. Not had any soldering issues with it either.

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    This is the one I have. Comes with the better sealed battery.

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    B would be my choice, or something similiar- the beam on the XML is just too tight IMO, means you get a very bright spot and not much else. And since your eyes adjust to the brightest spot, you end up with even less vision outside it. Bad combo.

    Some people do like chasing the dot but I just found it much less good than my P7s.

    Oh. If you’re going to frame-mount hte battery then Clubber’s link is better. If it’s going in a pack then the smaller, lighter, poorly sealed battery makes more sense.

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