De Walt confusion.

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  • De Walt confusion.
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    It’s about time I updated my old Dewalt drill.  Can someone advise if the flexvolt 54 battery will fit all xr tools?  Eg might go for the DCD996 drill with flexvolt battery as I would like a circular flexvolt saw in the future and would buy just the carcass if it’s compatible. Have already got the Xr 18v multi tool and impact driver and I know they will run on the 996. What’s the thoughts?  Also notice 20v/60v “max” batteries are available? Guessing they are one and the same thing marketing hype for the U.S. market?

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    Flex volt powers all the 18 v tools


    Are you trade or diy? I have the 996 and use the flexvolt batteries in it….it is flipping heavy!
    All 18v tools are backwards compatible with the flexvolt batteries, but a 54v tool won’t work if an 18v battery.
    What a few people get confused about is the ah of the flexvolt batteries, if it’s a 54v 6ah battery that is actually 2ah in a 54v tool and 6ah in an 18v tool.
    The 20v-60v thing is just an American thing, all the batteries and tools are exactly the same as our 18v-54v stuff.

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    Thanks for that. I was kinda there. Had just twigged the Ah reduction so will probably stick to 18v battery for now then go for. 54 as and when I can get the saw.

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