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  • retro83

    Nothing to compete with those but i had a top quality SPD moment and fell arse over tit in front of all my neighbours. Made worse as I ended up twisted up with the bike on the floor and still couldn’t unclip so I had to wiggle around on the floor like beetle on its back to extract my leg before I could get up. Looked pretty suave I reckon 😳

    I went down while avoiding a dog on the track at Hamsterley, racing the UK Gravity Enduro. It meant I missed the podium by 2 seconds too. It’s needless to say that I’m rather pissed off. 👿

    Premier Icon Northwind

    On sunday I made a pretty determined effort to ride a line that, since I last rode the trail 4 days before, had ceased to exist. Right up til the point I was fired off the bike I was still thinking “This is bound to work! It doesn’t look like it’ll work but it can’t fail!” Splat.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    So the OP nearly crashes into 2 children’s faces and blames them! 😆
    Been a couple of weeks but exited a bend onto hard packed but greasy trails and lost the front, 6ft of skid makes as I held it until I clipped then edge of the trail and landed in the only non rocky bit


    3 riders in usually-boring Leicestershire meet at 11am.
    By 1pm one has bravely taken on a fairly hefty fallen tree drop-off and got it horribly wrong – fractured collarbone and 6 weeks arm in a sling – classic YFB moment only we never thought of filming it :wink:. Less than an hour later I was swooping through some sweet singletrack at a fair pace but could suddenly hear an engine of some description fairly close by…turned the corner to see some fool on a monkey bike all of 5 foot in front of me coming up a trail I was going down…cue OTB crash landing on elbow, hand and lid. The dickhead in question was about 15, had no helmet on but best of all, he had a kid sat on the petrol tank who was literally 3 at the most with no lid on…’I was only going slow’ was his moronic response – tried to keep a lid on my very obvious dismay with mini-sproglet in earshot! Get well soon Andrew – faster next time! 🙂 Anyone else crash more ridiculously than either of us today?

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    Years ago, but…
    Riding a steep technical downhill, hanging right off the back when my front wheel stops and decides to be a pivot. Cue me going OTT and straight into the welcoming arms of a pine tree, upside down with my head a foot off the ground and feet pointing to the sky. I could not move at all.
    The rest of the guys I was out with couldn’t stop laughing at the very large tree decoration. They laughed even harder every time I struggled.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Last November, fast, swoopy singletrack, trail drops off to the right on a right hand corner, big tree on the left. Going too quick into a blind corner, clip the tree, OTB into the patch off brambles. No damage, but mates who were following stopped to take photos of me trying to unpick myself from the brambles.

    Last week, same tree! Same result! Except it was a soft landing into ferns. Thing is I was thinking about the tree on the way down and the line is was going to take. Still got it wrong.

    My mate has since bought a Go Pro to capture me falling off. It time to either slow down or get some skills.


    San Marino, Rivington again within a meter of where i came off last time tried the top edge of a grass rut, it worked out badly lucky for me had knee pads on this time sore ribs where the Chesty GoPro tried to go through me in my OTB moment.
    All on Camera again 😳

    I’m bloody sore today 🙁


    mikesmith…it was a MOTORbike in the woods.
    Yes, I would say the f*cktard riding it was the cause/at fault 🙄

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