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    “Damn fine pie!”


    ”how’s Annie?”

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    The video scene in Lost Highway is one of my favourites, so horribly creepy.

    have just found the whole of twin peaks “fire walk with me” on youtube 😀
    mr lynch has to be my favorite director of anyone that i have watched.
    his films just seem to resonate with me for some reason (although i admit that i do not understand many of them 😉
    i remember one night years ago (when i used to drink).i had left the tv on and fallen asleep.i woke up around 3am with eraserhead playing on the tv.what the **** is this i said to myself 😯 but i was transfixed by the film.
    lost highway and the aformentioned tpfwwm are 2 of my favorite films.the guy is a cinematic genius as far as i’m concerned 😀


    Mulholland Drive. I must have watched it a dozen times and still none the wiser 😆

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    hes got a regular cameo in cleveland show too!

    but i am a massive fan of his work, if only he had been able to do dune his way…………..


    Aye, apart from Mulholland Drive, pretty flawless (not seen everything tho I ghuess).

    Straight Story is worth a watch too.

    Lynch and Kubrick – can’t go wrong. I love them both in equal measure.

    Twin Peaks is utterly stunningly brilliant.

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    There was a TV channel in Canada that used to run the annuam David Lynch Fest. The tag line was:

    Weird – Weirder – David Lynch


    As a kid, Twin Peaks was a massive influence on me – it marked out some kind of dark hinterland that I’ve never really left.

    How’s Annie?

    Irrespective of whether any more episodes could/should have been made, what an ending… 😯

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    He’s peerless – consistently so through his career. Inland Empire was superb – although it makes Mulholland drive look like spoon-feeding. [Inland Empire was the last film I saw at the cinema for some reason, sticks in my mind as amazing viewing].

    Big fan of Dune as well. Obv very flawed all over the place but still a great film in places IMHO (although I don’t think Lynch himself thinks that). Heard it described as like watching a trailer for the greatest film ever made.


    I am a huge fan of Mr Lynch. I love his sideways view of society.


    I’ve spent a fair bit of time in one of the places he spent his formative years (Spokane, WA) and there’s some really interesting influences. Inland small-city America has a really odd feel that is definitely very present in his work.

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