Dave Hinde wheels any good?

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  • Dave Hinde wheels any good?
  • hora

    Just love the google hits on his name. Imagine him trying to bring a liable case. LAUGH.


    Asked DH for some lightweight wheels for road racing once. Got some 28 hole x-ray spoked two cross ultegra hubs on open pro rims. They were, without exception, the worst wheels I’ve ever had; so flexible that standing up to climb rubbed the paint off the inside of the chainstays.

    I’m constantly amazed that he is still in business..


    So who is actually buying from him and keeping him in business and his ever changing flash cars outside his shop?

    I live 5 minutes away. I last went into his shop in 1998.


    I bought some wheels of him based on price and his nice big ad in a magazine.At the time i’d never heard about any problems.He overcharged me £25 all the paperwork etc said the right price but when I got me c/c bill he’d stuck an extra £25 on it.Did I get my money back ? You can guess. They were good wheels though road bike,3 cross seasons.I still have them as spares for cross and they’ve hardly seen a spoke key.

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    I’m appalled at the stories I hear about him and his staff, but the two times I’ve used them, not had a problem, including a nice set of Hope/Mavic wheels.

    In the interest of balance 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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