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  • Premier Icon cloudnine

    Just dont order from DH. Do a quick search on google.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Run away. Now.


    Been down that road! Leave well alone.


    Do it! What’s the worst that could happen?

    Premier Icon stevied

    DH is probably the best mail order company I have ever used and their customer service is 2nd to none *

    *all of the above may or may not be true.




    Premier Icon Matt24k

    I believe complete cock socket is the term to describe the eponymous proprietor of that establishment but it’s best not to say it to his face, allegedly.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    you might be ok and get them as promised

    on the other hand, you might not…and if thats the case then you’re in for a long wait for any sort of a refund

    likewise with customer service, he’s reputed to have a unique approach here but I have no experience of this. advice would probably be if you can get them elsewhere then do so

    moonglu do em custom hand built for £370 with a build, reputation and service level second to none


    They could be £3.15 and I still wouldn’t go there.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Based on everyone’s comments in the million or so previous threads don’t!

    I did in 1994 buy some lovely XT hubs laced to 321 SUPs and had no problems…

    More importantly Winstanleys can do it a fair bit cheaper.

    dave hinde has hope 29er wheels with crest rims for £315 but have seen some very bad reports (all be it pre 2012)are they any good these days


    £365 at 18 Bikes with free tubeless kit and awesome customer service + choice of hub colour.

    Premier Icon snotrag

    Like the Keighley trade centre of the bike world.


    Don’t. Just don’t. I’ve been on the receiving end of their, well, abuseive manner.
    If they were the only bike shop on Earth, I’d give up cycling and walk.

    I’ve never had any problems with them.


    I ordered EN521 rims on XT hubs a few years ago and they were fine, bought via the Dave Hinde ebay account so maybe somebody else manages that side of his operation?…either way they arrived promptly and were well built.

    As is usually the case on forums you will only here about a product for two reasons:

    1. A new release and everybody gets on the band wagon and wants to shout about their new Pikes, Fox 36s, 11 speed set-up etc etc.

    2. A product has a problem and people want the world to know about it, usually as some kind of retailiation towards the retailer.

    You never hear from the silent majority who have had a decent product for their money or had good service….you could argue this is to be expected so shouldnt need mentioning but a thankyou always helps and positive reviews of all products not (just the latest fashionable release) helps others in the right direction.

    I have had good service and good products from Superstar and Dave Hinde in the past.

    Premier Icon Gordymac

    What he said above. 18 bikes, well worth the extra for piece of mind.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    The trouble with dh is the ones with no issues aren’t the majority…

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Wow, that feedback is a read and a half.

    Doesn’t do himself any favours with his replies does he? Royal mail must hate him, given how often they lose his stuff.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Living in Northwich, I’ve been and bought a few bits from him.
    Never had a problem.


    The only ray of light about ebay and paypal is when you can use paypals protection against such a seller.

    The only way to deal with such people is avoid.

    I had massive problems last summer with him. As did others. I really would avoid them at all costs.

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Same wheels at hargroves cycles are 269.99 with 5.40 off if you buy via quidco. I got a pair last week arrived next day

    Damn just checked back to 310. Still cheap tho

    Premier Icon firestarter

    291 at winstanleys too and never had an issue with them either

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Was aware of the alleged “issues” with DH before I got involved with Singletrack as there are numerous roadie threads berating hi. You don’t even have to look that hard. I know that there is the old argument that only those who complain bother posting, but in truth you can take every bad review, of every bike shop I’ve that I’ve seen (and yes that does include PlanetX) and it still wouldn’t add up to all the stuff about DH. Handle with care is my advice

    Just noted comment about Moonglu being good to deal with I had good service first wheelset I bought from them and not so good 2 years later for a second wheelset you pays your money and take yous chances


    Bought an alfine hub with no issue. Got to give 18bikes a shout for fantastic, friendly customer service though. Wouldn’t hesitate to shop there again.


    Has he set a fake user up and posted on this thread yet? Now that was a good thread. 😆


    don’t. worst retailer I have ever dealt with.


    I concluded that people that live nearby and vist the shop get treated normally.

    People that mail order and can’t get to the shop get treated like crap because the staff don’t have to worry about face to face contact with an irate ripped off punter who is bigger than the shop staff.

    Still… only a week late to the thread, took 3-4 months to get my money back via credit card company.

    Did you get the order ?

    Has he set a fake user up and posted on this thread yet? Now that was a good thread.

    He did what? I’d love to read that, do you have a link???

    Premier Icon gregwaring

    I made the mistake of ordering from DH a few weeks ago. Not a horror story, but I ordered a hope pro evo2 / stans flow EX hand built rear wheel. Website said 5-8 days to build & 48h shipping.

    1 phone call to the number on the website to check on progress after 8 days – “this isn’t the web department you’ll have to email them”. Then 2 emails to their web department with no response

    A wheel arrived after 12 working days but no dispatch email, and no notification from the courier that they were due to deliver it. It was in a hope hoops box, came with hope hoops stickers and spare spokes, and was built with the socketed spokes (no screwdriver head fitting visible inside the rim) that give away the fact that it wasn’t handbuilt by DH at all, just an off the peg factory built/hand finished hope hoops wheel from stock. Which begs the question, why did it take them over 2 weeks to deliver it?

    Under the circumstances I’m not going to make a fuss as i’ve got it in time for my trip to the lakes (just) but technically they didn’t send the product I ordered & the customer service was nonexistent… I won’t be using them again.

    Premier Icon tthew

    web department

    😆 😆 😆
    3 blokes in a small shop. It ‘aint no CRC!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Could be worse, could be Mark Anthony


    Some years ago I ordered a chain, they sent me a cheap one and then did everything they could not to send the correct one. I wouldn’t touch that bunch again if they were the last bike shop in the country.

    Premier Icon gregwaring

    Yeah, I did have a suspicion that the “web department” line was code for “I can’t be bothered to talk to you”, especially as the “web department” didn’t have a phone. Presumably they do all their ordering of parts via the web then?

    Either way, to ensure i’m not unbalanced in my reporting, the price I paid was a good price for a factory hope hoops wheelset. So in terms of money spent it was reasonable value, but in future i’ll order from a retailer that is prepared to hold a conversation with their customers.

    I can’t see any follow up from mcdonagh2962 … troll?

    Regardless, this thread is a good reminder that buying from DH is risky. If you like your online purchases to come with limited customer support, lies about products being in stock, lies about delivery dates, insults to your intelligence about the warehouse guys not having a telephone, lies about refunds, and general abuse then DH is the shop for you.

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