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  • Another vote for Fitness Singles.
    There's a lot of women on there who list "Walking" as their primary fitness activity, which I don't think is really within the spirit of it all.
    I managed to meet two who run sub 2:30 marathons though.
    I went to watch one of them race and I remember looking around at the start and thinking "Why didn't I take up running years ago" 😉

    I tried the Fitness Singles one a few years ago, paid up for one month or something, one was really keen and lots of emails but as soon as I suggested meeting it all stopped, but only met one person as there just wasn't anyone local. Prefer to meet people in the real world but we maybe, if were lucky, get one female turn up on our local mtb rides, and she'll usually have a boyfriend anyway, but it seems to be harder to meet people my age and single – early 40's. Met one at work recently that seemed perfect but she only wanted to be friends, but we've seen a lot of each other and done a lot in the past few weeks and she keeps texting and calling me which is messing with my head at the moment, think I'm being an idiot and holding on to hope, so decided to join Plenty of Fish too, it's a bit grim on there, I've got a date lined up next week, but it makes me feel a bit quesy searching through 100's of photos and profiles, 1000's come up local on that. I'm beginning to think I'll stay single again! 😕


    plenty of fish? hmm maybe if you life fishy smells…… shocking standard of p(m)unter, or is that just around Stoke 😯


    I tried fitness singles, there certainly are some very nice ladies on there! 😉

    A few years back I also tried with success, I think the key thing is to have lots of fun with it and dont take it too seriously, IMO.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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