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  • Data Only SIM – No Contract
  • NJA
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    I need to put a SIM into the wi-fi router that I have just ordered for my motorhome. We are driving down through France and Spain over the next moth, but after that it will be mainly UK use. I don’t want to commit to a contract as usage is likely to be minimal in the winter.

    Seen an offer from Gif GAf at £35 per month unlimited data which gives 20gb of roaming data in europe. Everyone else seems to have pulled out of roaming deals and reintroduced charges.

    Unless I am missing something, has anyone seen any good deals out there?


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    Smarty beats that into a cocked hat.

    30GB for ten quid, unlimited data for £20, roaming is free. Month-to-month contract so no commitments.

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    No idea on deals available, sorry. On the roaming thing, I read recently that 2020 was difficult for Telco’s because of the global restrictions imposed on the aviation business. People unable to travel abroad so most operators lost earnings from roaming fees (into the billions of pounds). I’d guess they have pulled out of roaming deals as they don’t have the volume to support them (profitably) until things get back to normal.

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    There’s no need to limit yourself to data-only sims unless they are actually the cheapest solution. My parents use a normal Three 12 month sim only deal in their 4G router. No idea about the roaming though.

    Would recommend looking on topcashback. Every sim deal I’ve had in recent years has come from there

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    @cougar never heard of them I’m on giff gaff and I get a signal.

    I’m always keen on seeing what else there is!

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    @cougar Smarty did beat them into a cocked hat until last week. Their fair usage policy for roaming is now restricted to 12gb per month. Otherwise I would have gone with them.

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    Smarty is a reseller of Three. Best prices I’ve seen by a long chalk, I was about to jump ship after being a 20+ year O2 customer when CV hit and ‘outside’ was banned so my needs for a data contract dropped significantly.

    Giff Gaff is a reseller of O2 IIRC.

    There are only four mobile carriers in the UK: O2, Three, EE and Vodafone. Anything else will be one of those rebadged.

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    Their fair usage policy for roaming is now restricted to 12gb per month

    Oh? I was not aware of that.

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    Seem to post this a lot but here’s a list of all UK virtual networks if you want to check out all options!


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    If you just want to bulk pre-pay data rather than a contract, have a look at: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2021/08/best-bulk-data-payg-sims-in-the-uk/

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    Having recently had to do far too much research on this to get a 4G home braodband connection up and running, I came across this website which seems to give really good and up to date information on all the different networks and deals:


    Good news is Smarty looks like it is at least unlimited in the UK. I was surprised to find out that some networks limit both the speed and total usage on their “unlimited” deals!

    If you know in advance where you are going to want to access the internet from I would also go to the trouble of checking cellmapper.net – From my home there is in fact zero signal possible from 2 out of the 4 UK networks, so could easily rule those out as options.

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