Dartmoor night ride – Princetown Burrator loop, anyone do it?

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  • Dartmoor night ride – Princetown Burrator loop, anyone do it?
  • Morning..
    Just thinking about heading up onto the moor for some night rides with some mates, and thought this might be a good loop. Just wondering if any other Dartmoor regulars had done this? I’m guessing the ‘Widow Maker’ might be interesting… but the rest of it should be great I’d have thought?


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    watch out for cold,grumpy squaddies.

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    Do it quite regularly in one form or another. Always wave to the squaddies at the top of the widowmaker and bottom of the scout hut.

    ah, hadn’t thought about the squaddies! cheers for the tip!


    Squaddies love it when you shine your 4000 chinese lumen lights right into their beady little eyes 😆


    Did it a couple of years ago in the dark, wasn’t to bad. Not sure what The Widowmaker is, but the rocky descent wasn’t particularly fast compared to normal although jumping the drainage ditches coming down the far side was fun.

    Must get back and try again now bike lights have become so powerful (used old halogen lights last time). To be honest there are probably nicer rides to do on Dartmoor at night

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    We often do Bennett’s cross to Grimspound as a night ride, that works nicely. Princetown is OK, but watch out for the bike eating bogs around South Henessey Tor!

    yep, regularly ride on Dartmoor/Burrator at night. The conditions are superb at present with the trails being dry, for a change try riding up the widowmaker, it’s not as hard as it used to be as the top section has been sanitised with infill & is almost smooth 🙁 still good fun riding up it.

    For some extra excitment after riding down the first steep section of the widowmaker ride along the Devonport Leat to the aquaduct 🙂 & don’t forget the TV mast descent off North Hessary Tor another must on a Princetown loop.

    kind of figured this would be a good night ride as a lot of the bridleways up on the moor are hard enough to see in the daylight. done this loop plenty of times and it’s hard to get wrong really. good way to break my night riding duck i reckon anyway, then on to lustleigh cleave..
    proper good conditions at the moment, so nice and dry and crisp. yey!


    Can I just give you my opinion on night riding in Lustleigh Cleave..

    Try not to get eaten by wolves/bears/sharkpigs etc

    wolves vs. squaddies ???

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