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  • Darkside – Tri bars fixed to a MTB flat bar
  • Alek

    I'm looking to get some Tri-bars for my rat bike MTB S/S as a way off getting used to the position for TT later in the year.

    What bars would you recommend, without spending a small fortune.

    Both rat bike and road bike are standard clamp 25.4 and had hoped to just swap them over between steeds.


    oh no, you've used the D word…they'll be along shortly, the SPs are having a break after the rant du jour thread


    Never mind the "D" word – he wrote "steeds" 😉


    surely the position on your MTB rat bike is going to be nothing like that of your road bike due to differing top tube & head tube lengths.

    Might cause more trouble than it's worth


    with 25.4 bars it will work but it shouldnt if you know what i mean – road bars are 26mm but tri bar clamps will take up the difference no bother – maybe on the real high end stuff i wouldnt but you should be fine if your sticking to basic kit

    i use them on my SS for getting a different position when im out on long rides – and for somewhere to strap my bed roll when biviing

    what distance TT you doing and hilly or not ?

    hintings of hills profile jammer GTs flat T2 ++s if those are out of budget then the classic profile century for all

    there was a chap selling deda parabolics on classifieds but no idea if they will fit your mtb bars


    Get some Cinelli Spinaci style bars; I think I've seen some copy ones on bikeradar.

    They fell out of favour rapidly after the UCI banned them, but I tried a pair and thought they were great.


    10's + 25's Terry…….not sure if I'll hit the hilly's yet!

    Never had tri bars before and the question was to highlight any possible issues and whether it had been done successfully or not. So thanks for all your observations.

    Reckon I'll try the classifieds first and keep an eye on the bar width.

    My rat bike frame is circa 2000 with a similar top tube to my road bike so should be able to get seating position about the same. As its so up in the air until I actually buy some, I'm not going to spend good cash on summit that may not actually work!

    And I've no issues using the word steed to describe my mount!

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