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    I bought one earlier this year through the C2W scheme at work and have really enjoyed getting out on it and is the bike that gets used the most due to the lack of faff. I’m in the Midlands so not exactly blessed with loads of great off road riding without having to drive somewhere. Getting out on the road bike lots has made me fitter. I’m not sure if this is due to the road bike or just getting out lots more than usual.

    Can’t help with sizing. I’d definitely recommend getting one. I’ve only ridden on Oxfordshire once, but there are some nice roads.

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    Similar situation last year when we had our first, road rides tend to be the bit easier to fit into that precious 2 hour window.

    Don’t despair though, once they’re a bit older you can get a decent trailer for the MTB and bash round the woods with it, much more fun + mum gets a break.


    Used Giant Defy XL. There is one on Ebay at the moment for £500 (item 111111089934) Some lovely roads out of Faringdon and up to Witney into the Cotswolds.


    I’ve got a little one on the way and bought a secondhand cross frame off of here and built it up with road parts. Brilliant fun and I’m hoping it will give me the opportunity to continue commuting to work so the other half can use the car.

    I enjoy it just as much as the mtb. Which has actually surprised me to be honest.

    I’m 6ft and ride a 58cm frame with a sensible amount of post on show so I reckon your going to need a size north of this.

    Might be worth going into somewhere like Evans and sitting on a couple…..

    Best of luck with it!


    No idea on size but decathlon have a road bike for 300£ – it is disturbingly good! Well worth looking at


    If you’ve got a hardtail MTB, just get some cheap slicks and see if you like it. I’ve used the Conti Sport Contacts and they were really fast rolling. I used to find road riding boring but I enjoy it more and more as a way to get out on the bike without having to get to the trails first. If you do like it, then something like the £300 Decathlon bike would be a good start!


    Living in West Oxfordshire the mountainbiking isn’t exactly exciting so I tend to travel to hillier areas to get my fix, however we’ve now got an 8 week old baby and time is even more precious than ever so I’m contemplating getting a road bike so I can get out for an hour or so in the evenings and weekends while the little-one is asleep.

    So bearing in mind we’ve got an 8 week old baby what’s the cheapest option to give road riding a go (I’ll need to give it a few weeks to see if I still like it once the novelty has worn off but don’t want to waste money on something I don’t enjoy), does a road bike really make a difference and what size will I need at 6’5″?



    ^^^ what steezysix said… get some slicks for the mtb and see how you go, if you really like it then splash the cash!

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    I can’t imagine how a MTB with slicks compares to a road bike, position all different etc.

    One of the joys of road biking is getting in the drops and tapping out a good stint, for me anyhow…


    Agreed – a Mtb with slick tyres does not compare to a proper road bike. The whole position is different for starters.
    Also agree that a road bike is easier to get a ride in if times limited.


    I got a road bike when my son was born because I couldn’t justify driving for two hours to ride, when those two hours could be used to be out on the bike. I was a massive road bike hater but I have ddefinately been turned. It really doesnt compare to a mountain bike with slicks. Hills are a whole new challange. I find myself planning rides just to go up them.

    Got my bike through c2w and it was the bargin of the year

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    You will need a 62 to 64 cm frame measured to the top of the top tube .Decathlon ,Ribble ,and Giant all do good starter road bikes and there are always used ones on ebay and in the classifieds of cycling weekly


    Cheers all, I thought about slick tyres on my hardtail, but discounted it as the BFe is built more for durability than comfort and is a little too small for me to be pedalling for any length of time.

    I don’t think I can do the cycle to work scheme as I work from home, but I will try to plan a couple of site visits that take me past a Decathlon, Evans etc!


    Just watch out with the Triban 3 the ones that get the great reviews are the red ones which seem to be sold out everywhere. The white triban 3a has Ali forks instead of carbon and lesser spec gearing.

    Not sure if there getting more stock in or if it has been downgraded?


    I’m 6’5 and ride a 62.

    Why don’t you see if you can get a longer test ride from your LBS or even hire a road bike for a day?

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    Or get a fatbike and ride over/through stuff you couldn’t look at with an ordinary skinny mtb.


    I’m 6’3 and a bit and ride a trek 1.2 in a 60. Each bike will be different. If its your first go to a bike shop and get fitted. I’ve had mine 4 weeks now and love it.

    I went for a basic bike as I wasn’t sure I’d take to it. Now I know I enjoy it, a small part of me has upgraditis. I like the frame on the 1.2 and would consider upgrading the group set once I need new transmission parts and will likely get some ultegra wheels to experiment with tubless.

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