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  • Darkside advise – Rival 22 HRD or Ultegra Disc?
  • jonk

    I have both group sets, Rival on my road bike and ultegra on my CX bike. Rival is pitched at the same level as 105. Ultegra has a nicer finish than rival and looks nicer. Rival performs well and the HRD brakes are nice to use and provide lots of power with good modulation. Ultegra brakes are more on / off. The only downside i have found with rival is 1. the weight of the crankset is high compared to shimano and some rust has started to appear on the mech cages and crank spindle.


    I simply prefer Sram shift levers on the road so have only infrequently used Shim. I have Shim or BB7 cable disc brakes (stopping is wooden, adequate) and Sram Rival drivechain on my CX bike. I have Sram Rival drivechain and Hydro discs on my road bike – wowzers, they really are great at stopping. No rust


    I have sram Force on summer bike … nice and light, but not as smooth and solid feeling as shimano ultegra on my other bike. My last sram Force shifters lasted about 2 years … had these around the same, so hoping they last longer.

    I have shimano ultegra hydraulic shifter/brakes on cx bike … superb!
    IMHO Shimano are bombproof.

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    I have Rival on my road bike and it’s ok not as good as the Ultegra on my mates bike. I find the brakes lacking in feel which seems the opposite to others on this thread. Shifting is positive but a bit clunky again not as good as Ultegra . This could be down to my Shim over SRAM preference of course.


    Cycle to work time again and rather than a bike I’m going to treat my Datum to a new drivetrain and brakes and really can’t make my mind up! I’m really liking the Sram Eagle on my Whyte, which is the first Sram bike I’ve owned in 15 years but have always been a Shimano fan too and Ultegra is around the same price. Anybody used both or can give any feedback on either performs? Will be looking at Hydraulic discs as I’ve not been overly impressed with my TRP HY/RD’s.

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    Got the Ultega disc, never going back 🙂 just so much easier and effective breaking

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    Ultegra Di2 on road bike, absolutely love it.
    STAM Rival on the ‘gravel’ bike which is actually quite nice & I find it easier to transition between Di2 & Doubletap than Shimano mechanical.

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    If you can, it would be good to try the hood shape. Both group sets are excellent but I find the sram hoods more comfy.


    Have Force 22 hydro on one bike, and the Shimano Ultegra level hydro shifters with 105 kit on another. Shimano wins hands down. Shifting on the SRAM has been very fussy, at least partly because of stupid cable routing on the shifter, but even when it’s working I prefer the action of the Shimano.

    SRAM road shifting is very different to shimano, a more extreme difference in feel than between their MTB ranges. I have SRAM Rival HRD on one bike, and I’ll never have a SRAM road group again.

    Ultegra is equivalent of Force and more expensive than Rival, but I’d take the equivalent 105 over Rival.

    If you’re fussy then you’re probably best off trying both SRAM and Shimano as they shift quite differently.

    Ergonomically Shimano isn’t great, or at least there are certain situations where shifting is difficult (when you’re braking). Shimano shifts feel much smoother than SRAM though. IME, SRAM is far more robust/long lasting.

    Personally, I’d wait and buy CampagYOLO.

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