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  • Have a look on Steve Hoggs bike fitting website.

    Here’s an interesting topic


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    however, I can speculate and bullshit OK:

    Are you fairly happy it’s the right size in general terms ?

    Assuming it’s a sensible bike from a mainstream maker and unless you have odd limb-to-torso ratios or something, I’d set your saddle “neutral” to start with and then get your bars right (right being high enough and close enough to keep your neck/shoulders functional and your hands not numb). If you can’t get comfy like that, saddle back a bit more may help (or shorter stem maybe)

    As you get more flexible you can move arse back or bars forward/down as you see fit

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    Back on a road bike regularly for the first time in 15years and am struggling to get comfy / the position I want. I have an ‘insulated’ physique if thats relevant.

    Can anyone give me some guidance on what to aim for in terms of setup?

    I am not aiming for race pace at the moment more improving base fitness and finding my rhytm again and trying to move away from my traditional gear mashing approach to road riding which goes back to tt ing in my teens.

    Am i right in thinking for spinning i should relatively be sat lower and further back?

    Any top tips on bar height/ stem length relative to other contact points/ target body position also gratefully received.

    Sorry its all a bit vague! i know what i like on the mtb but this feels like starting again.

    Tyre logos and valves DO line up but otherwise i have no need to be rules compliant!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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