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  • Dare I risk it or is this false hope…..*what dry lube content*
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Squirt is really good… I’ve found it just can’t cope at all with my local mud but in the proper dry and in different flavours of mud it’s been ace.

    somone will be along soon to recommend putoline

    I’m sure I used to clean the moto-x bike air filters in their stuff!

    Oh great. Thanks. No, really, thanks.

    It’s going to rain for days now! 😉

    This is my pick du jour for summer trails;


    Finish line is rubbish IMO, the Muc-Off wet lube is much less sticky and I have been using it with little build up (even on recent dusty trails) and it keeps everything smooth and quite which some dry lubes never seem to.

    Premier Icon cp

    Purple extreme is great.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Squirt is still my lube of choice for the dryer months. RnR Extreme for the wet months

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I’ve been using the Juice Lubes products and am a big fan


    I use Muc Off dry lube and it works well. smooth and quiet.


    Degreased the chain tonight and the finish line wet lube did an ace job of making up a chainset grinding paste last time out.
    So, with the blistering dry weather with us I am thinking a specific dry lube.
    Amy recommendations?


    Ok, so shoot me but I am the biggest fan of Bike Hut dry lube from (shhhh) Halfords. It keeps things smooth and quiet for ages and even copes well in the wet. Just wish I had some for my ride over the peaks today, instead of the terrible muck-off crap. May as well of used lard for all the good it did!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Much off dry is ace.

    Their wet one is worse than finish line wet though ime


    You can have my half used bottle then, I only got it as it was the only stuff available at a time of need. I’m sick of reapplying it for it to only last 10 miles. I’m guessing it lasts longer for you?


    Muc off dry…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh- got a tin of the putoline wax a while back, my review so far- haven’t opened it, because it’d take me longer to light the stove than it does to just use a simple lube.

    Still, I’ll fire it on the road bike’s new chain and see what happens.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I used squirt last summer and it did a great job. I used putoline through the winter. Still been using the putoline in this dry weather and It’s been great. The trick it to get a baby wipe and clean all the excess off the surface after the first ride.

    I now have a chip pan for melting the wax, the basket makes life a little easier.


    The Halfords stuff might be rebottled weldtite dry lube.

    Wondering what to try next. Have tried the Weldtite wax lube (green stuff) which was no good in any rain but no surprise there.

    Have tried Finishline dry but not overly impressed.

    Now I am running 2 chains (swapping out) on my hard tail and a rigid 29er I might get a tub of plutoline and do them all in one go.

    Rock n Roll Extreme or Purple Extreme. Both appear to be expensive but last for ages in both wet or dry conditions.

    OP you’re not going to get an answer that keeps you happy; one man’s ultimate dry lube is another’s snake oil. Seems a lot depends on the application; I.e. how much latent OCD you have. I love Squirt, but it can be way out there in needy land when applying. Bit trial and error to be honest, and is very user dependant. My ate, for instance, just uses any old light oil he has lying around, never cleans the chain, doesn’t worry about the graunching noises, yet his chain has lasted two happy years now.

    Good luck with finding one.

    rock and roll for me too tried it on a whim never looked back


    I would NOT recommend muc off dry (yellow one)…

    I don’t know how long it’s supposed to last, I put plenty on…. 10miles later and the chain dry as a bone and everything sounds like a bag of spanners again.

    It just doesn’t seem to last a ride… so watching the thread with interest.

    I know nothing (obviously) but used bike shop lube and chain became all gunky. Used WD40 and it was great. Must be doing something wrong!!


    Progold Prolink has been the best I’ve tried. Goes on very thin and gets into all the links then run the chain through a rag to remove the excess and voila – one clean quiet running chain.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Park Synthetic is similar to Progold. Thin and keeps the chain clean. (Not a wax.)
    I think Park know what they are doing.

    Premier Icon Speeder

    Don’t use ProGold if you’ve got an E13 chain device of any type – it degrades the plastic and makes it brittle enough to crack easily.

    Premier Icon Speeder

    Oh and a 3rd/4th/5th for Squirt – I like it a lot and use it all year round though I don’t ride much in winter.


    I’m a Squirt fan. Make sure you put it on days/hours before the ride though… sticking some on right before the ride gives poor results.

    For big days in the hills I sometimes carry a little bottle for after the big river crossings, but I’ve always had to do that anyway (except when I ran a Scottoiler… don’t go there).

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We use White Lightning Clean Ride

    +1 for White Lightning – I’ve used White Lightning (Clean Ride IIRC) in the dry for years, tried Squirt recently and wasn’t that impressed – too sticky (and it had three weeks to dry!), that and it’s only lasted 15k each time before sounding nasty. Going back to WL unless anyone can recommend anything else that will last 50-60k+ and be dry enough not to make a mess everywhere?


    I used White Litghening Clean Ride for a long time, but now prefer Muc Off Dry. I tried saving some money with Bikehut Drywax but found it to be a false economy, it needs reapplying too often.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Finish Line dry ceramic wax

    Premier Icon pedlad

    With the better weather I’ve been using finish line dry, but between the road bike and MTB seem to have got through a bottle very quickly. Now I know this is going to seem tight but paying between £5-£8 for 60ml of the latest unicorn’s perspiration for my chain really winds me up, but I do like the way dry lubes keep it all cleaner.

    So been having a look and I think this looks better value and may be worth a go – 400ml aerosol for £6.99

    3in1 ptfe

    Any reason why not to?


    Just gone over to Muc off dry as I rather like their wet stuff.

    Lasted fine at Lee Quarry on Sunday and it was very dry & dusty. Gears still smooth & as quiet as they were at the start at the end if the ride

    so, just to apply something tonight I called at halfords on the way home (before reading the surprsingly lengthy number of posts—thanks all) and picked up a bottle of some “natural” branded dry lube that said on the small print that it was made by weldtite.
    A bit pants really. Checked the cassette and its black n gungy and grindy and ruff. Darn it….still mullin but it looks like there ain’t gonna be a definative view.


    Been testing chain lube for 30+ years, this is the best I’ve found , apply whilst holding a cloth behind the chain and rub off excess. Clean periodically with wd40 then reapply. Works for MTB and Road,
    Winter or Summer. Spend more if it makes you happy. 🙂

    It’s sunny again. Get the dry lube back out!

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