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  • philb88

    That POV video is excellent!

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    DaveyBoyWonder – Member

    Comparing the stuff in his first video which went viral, theres little I can see thats different

    Supposedly that frontflip with the tap on the sign is a world first. I don’t know how much more different you want?

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    [/quote]Supposedly that frontflip with the tap on the sign is a world first. I don’t know how much more different you want?

    Therein lies the problem. It was only the fact they showed it from 3 different angles that made me suspect it was probably something impressive, but to my eyes it was just another front flip. Incrementally increasing the difficulty of a trick people have seen many times before is nowhere near as impressive as showing off a brand new trick.

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    I prefer this [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJHayGJGc0E[/video]
    Especially at 3:05

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    The bench hop was the best bit. Great vid.


    Seems like people watch his videos for different reasons (surprise!). There are those who want to see new tricks; pushing the limits of biking, blah, blah, blah. Then there are other who want a good video; something new, involving, artsy, blah… I suppose I’m in the latter group. I prefer Akriggs videos because they’re all a bit different, even if the riding’s similar. Danny’s always look like basically the same thing with different backdrops. Still unbelievably impressive though. Just the manualling along the roof-edge with the hops onto the pillars was great.

    I doubt I’d have noticed the product-placement if it wasn’t for the complaining here. Then all I could think was that the name/logo wasn’t even facing the camera. Idiots!

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    Why do people always feel the need to bring up Akrigg in a Danny video? It’s like comparing apples and oranges, they are both very different riders and don’t do anything that is remotely similar to each other!. Personally I enjoy both their videos for very different reasons.


    “WOW Fatigue” is a modern complaint……… 😉


    Is anyone else having real trouble streaming this video? My connection is plenty fast enough to stream HD content, but this keeps having to buffer every few seconds, even at 480…

    I’ve tried pausing it for a few minutes, but it’s still doing it.

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    Why do people always feel the need to bring up Akrigg in a Danny video?

    How many of us can name another “trials” rider who is actively making videos?

    they are both very different riders and don’t do anything that is remotely similar to each other

    Did you see Danny ride along that tree branch just like Akrigg did in Road Bike Party 2? Granted Akrigg is not the gymnast that Danny is, but I’m surprised you can’t see the similarities.

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    For me Danny’s vids and riding, for all the slickness etc, lack any personality. Akrigg the complete opposite.

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    prefer this:


    more creative, more honest. just better.

    It may be shameful that I’ve never seen one of his Vids… but that’s very very good !


    He can ride a bike, no doubt about that but I got bored half way through. Better than his last video with the giant toys tho. Now Akrigg, I could watch over and over

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    I think if you’re a mountain biker, then Akrigg hits the spot, but Red Bull are going for a much wider audience – lots of people watch imaginate and will watch this one that wont watch another cycling vid all year.

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    Re the product placement… Someone pointed out on here that in Way Back Home, he’s wearing 5 10s in every closeup but in most of the riding scenes he’s wearing Shimano AM40s. Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it 😆


    I’m a tad concerned that the word “juxtaposition” has appeared more than once… not sure i’m on the right forum these days!

    Your observations of the Zeitgeist has identified a paradigm shift.

    As for the video, I was sadly more curious about the history of the town. I didn’t want this to be the case, it’s just that the riding displayed is impossible to relate to and the ‘wow’ factor has diminished with repetition.


    Vittorio Brumotti


    You can’t compare Danny to Chris as they’re two completely different types of rider. The reason Danny’s vids are such highly polished numbers is purely down to the fact Red Bull pay for them, do you know where this film was actually premiered? Also this was filmed by the same guy who did the original April 2009 vid which again you can’t really compare it to as that was just a video he made to show off his riding like most of us trials riders do every now and again, just this time shit got serious.
    His close mates keep pestering him to do a low key vid on a regular trials bike as he’s pretty baller on that but sadly due to the whole Red Bull thing he can’t, and he definitely isn’t a natural rider!

    Almost on topic, a couple of other vids you may be interested in, both of them teasers.


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    I sat down and watched it with my kids

    About halfway through they asked if they can watch the bike video where the man gets splashed by the puddle…..as per some previous comments, Macaskill is known as the man who does the somersault off Edinburgh Castle. They’ll watch ‘five’ all day


    Bumped into Danny M. a couple of times last week.

    Filming a new video in real mountains on a real mountain bike! 🙂

    Weather was fantastic and the locations are stunning…

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