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  • mrchrispy

    just read on wikipedia (so it must be true) that the highly tallented Danny Hart was born and currently lives my old home town of Redcar.

    Still no reason for me to ever go back to the dump but there you go!


    It sure is true!

    Bet he started out on Eston Hills!
    Good lad Danny, even if Redcar is a hole.


    we used to have a pretty gnarly downhill in new marske woods, it was propper bum over the backwheel while you dodged branches.


    He is from Redcar, I know. He did/does ride Eston hills, I know. Find him on the beach on the crosser mostly though. 😉

    Well I don’t reckon it was him that nicked my door mirror glass off the car when I fishing off the South Gare!

    Premier Icon momo

    Yep he does live in Redcar, occasionally rides with friends of mine around Guisborough woods.


    my first DH race was on Eston Hills back in the 90s, I also did an XC race the same day, on the same bike.
    Is Sharkeys still in Redcar??

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    No it’s long gone, that place was a proper hole, making way for the new exciting attractions like the vertical pier Redcar’s getting.


    proper bum over the back wheel,,,,, erm,,, sorry,,, means some something different from round my neck of the woods 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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