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  • Dandy horse sticker
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    So, I've just restored an old steel frame to be my singlespeed commuter and having no idea what the original make of frame is (too many paint layers), I'm wondering what to label it.

    Option 1 – leave as just plain red paint job
    Option 2 – get massive 'Dandy Horse' stickers made up.
    Option 3 – more subtle application of Mr Bike Monger's stickers

    I like the idea of option 2 as I reckon it'll help thief-proof the bike, but where do I get stickers made?

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    Duct tape and a marker pen. But write Dandy Horse instead.

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    what size stickers do you want what colour vinyl?????? can get these made up for you and posted out if you want??


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    I'll take some dandyhorse stickers if theres some going (how much?) brilliant!

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    Cheers Sam – I'll measure up the frame tonight and see if I can find a nice script font. Black would be ideal I think.

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