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  • Damp garage – any cheap solutions?
  • andymc06

    My garage is an old single skin type made out of concrete sections and an asbestos roof.

    Went in today and water is dripping off the roof, cloths are going mouldy and a bottle inside a sealed cardboard box was covered in condensation when I opened it!

    The garage is well ventilated, has power but no heating. Is there a cheap, effective option to reduce the levels of damp?



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    does it have power? If so then a decent dehumidifier with a constant drain.

    plus insulate it – Celotex on roof and walls, anythign to stop water condensing inside.

    Is the floor damp – coul look at sealing it – the moisture has to be getting into the air in there from somewhere to cause that level of condensation.


    I have the same issue and looking to get a greenhouse heater, you can buy plug in thermostats so they are only on when you need it and they are basically a tube that run at about 60w per foot available on eBay for about £16 for a 2 foot one.


    Some good suggestions thanks. I’ll have a look.


    Build a nice new one….speak to Footflaps 🙂


    I have the same problem, about 50% of the perimeter is sunk into a sloping garden. Damp on one side but not on the other.

    Drilling three 4″ diameter ventilation holes improved things massively but I still get the urge to tear it down and start over.

    How much to build a garage?

    Was going to suggest all that you need was ventilation until I read your post properly.
    My garage is the same construction and it has no condensation. Unless you had a lot of moisture getting in somewhere I can’t see how the massive gaps between roof and wall ventilate any moisture out.


    I have been following the footflaps project. 🙂

    Would love to re-build but finances do not permit at present.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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