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  • Dales route advice please….
  • Premier Icon ton

    anyone done the track from top of stake allotments down to thoralby?

    looking for a half good route from kettlewell down to aysgarth.
    done the bog/mess/horror from top of starbottn fell down to kentucky farm/walden head…….dont ever want to do it again.

    Premier Icon trout

    Yes alot of years ago though camped at aysgarth and went round by semerwater .
    then down the trail to thoralby and into the pub there
    spent the next 10 hours drinking 😳

    so not a bad day out 2 hours biking cant remember the trail conditions but think it was an Ok decent


    Starts off as a grassy well drained BW clearly defined across the moor and then becomes a typical Dales double track – might be a damp field crossing in there and then back to a rough track – only done the one which becomes Haw Lane – not tried the other one.


    Done this route many times and always great fun in all conditions. Hiked up there ( and nearly died) in the snow a few years ago!

    Premier Icon ton

    cheers guys, sounds good.


    Is a fantastic route. There’s lots of good riding in that area. The first bit is undifined on the gournd, then after a while a steep grassy bit onto a new shooting track. That track is a fast reasonably rough track into Thoralby



    I’m getting seriously worried about my memory, I’ve done both routes Ton mentions, in the last few months. I can’t recall a single detail about either, other than the Kentucky farm/Walden Head river crossing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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