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  • Premier Icon dthom3uk

    Does anyone know what the trails are like at the moment?

    I’ve got Friday booked off work and was heading over there with a mate to tackle the red route.


    Will it not be covered in snow?


    all closed the end of last week ! 🙁

    Premier Icon jonathan

    I was out last night, and on Saturday morning. As of last night there was still quite a bit of snow. It’s on the wane but it was tough going – frozen crusty stuff, but not crusty enugh to float over, or frozen slushy stuff which was just hard and unforgiving (it was freezing!).

    It was OK if you were right in the trees, but anything out in the open that hadn’t already been well tracked (by bike or vehicle) was likely to be a push and it was harder going than in the fresher snow at the weekend. Last night I was on bits of the back half of the red and the singletrack obviously hadn’t seen much traffic – I suspect the first half which was getting ridden more at the weekend will be more tracked.

    If the thaw continues until the weekend it’ll probably be OK – but expect slush or ice depending on the temperature.

    Premier Icon 0range5

    The forestry person I met on Saturday reckoned the trails would be closed for a while, due to worries about damage when it all thaws out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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