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  • Dalby ! Early afternoon Sun 30th
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    No, I was in and out and back at home well before lunch. I did notice that with the recent resurfacing one of the points where the red route crosses a forest doubletrack near Givendsale Head has lost it’s marker posts indicating a need to give way and the red route now appears to encourage riders to go straight accross the ride at unabated speed (5mph for me but faster for others 🙂 ). Should prove interesting as it is one of the routes the hounds use every so often.


    Were you at Dalby to day ? Stood on the the small drop on the red run ? As if that wasn’t off putting enough there was another rider sat on the second smaller drop trying to Man Up for the second drop !

    Every time I ride at Dalby there’s a **** rider stood on those drops
    A fortnight ago I verly nearly had a nasty off as some one in Lycra was straddling his bike looking backwards as he wanted to know what it looked like when some one went off it !

    To day two of them as i railed round that left hander and set up for the step an obstruction on the 1st and and as if that wasn’t bad enough as I managed to land it and stay on the thing I was nearly had off on the second, the rider obviously knew he was in the way as he tried to get off the bike and pull it outa the way !

    Just wanted to say, if you didn’t know that your not the most important person on the trails, despite wearing downhill gear and having muhassive bikes


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    I think the term is Ma Hoosive, said with a Scottish accent. And on a sunny Sunday afternoon what did you expect?


    To be fair, it was relatively quiet which seemed really odd as the car park was rammed with cars most with at least 3 bikes attached to them ?
    Dixons hollow was full of Dads trying to out jump their Kids, waited over 10 mins and although one Dad nearly had a stack on one of the tabletops it was pretty dull,

    Just along from the elevated single track that starts after the wooden bridge bit a couple were having domestic as he had brought them off the fire road and was heading along that section In the wrong direction, to be fair the signs from the metalled road were none existent heading in the wrong direction ? Whether or not they have ever been there is any ones guess but none of that mattered as she gave him a proper dressing down and apologised profusely !
    Fearfull of her 4 year olds safety in a vest and no helmet they made their way out of the trees on to the fire road,

    On the trails though it was dead !

    I wonder if somebody knows something I don’t, are we missing out on some secret trails ?

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