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  • Premier Icon The Duke

    Hi guys
    A few of us are away to Dumfries this weekend, already decided to ride Mabie on Saturday but not sure whether to do Dalbeattie or Ae on Sunday, what do you guys think ?


    Depends what you're into – if you have any DH pretensions then Ae is great fun with lots of drops/jumps etc. Dalbeattie is more rocky and techy and less fast-flowing.


    IMO Ae is cwap
    Dalbeattie is where I'd choose out of the two.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Your choice
    Could do both in a day
    if you need/want food-bike wash-showers post ride then Ae is best

    I can ride them any day of the week 😀 have no pref really. I enjoy them all


    Dalbeattie's good fun with some nice optional techie bits. Ae is hour after hour of grinding misery. Depends what you're after, i suppose.


    Why is Ae rubbish then? I was pretty impressed with it – the last descent is ace.


    I was quite disappointed with Ae. Last DH run is great fun (we sectioned both the red & black runs for ages) but the rest just seems tired & poorly thought out with no real flow to it. Dalbeatie is more fun overall

    imho 🙂

    Premier Icon amatuer

    One more vote for Dalbeattie.
    Was at Ae a few weeks ago. The only fun part is the last 3km, everything before is relentless bone jarring and dull.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I like Ae much more.

    Has a good beginnery DH track as well as the XC route with a jumpy last descent.

    But you'd be better to do Mabie and either Ae/Dalbeattie one day, and the other the next. Mabie's a bit short.

    I am bording on preferring Dalbeattie but that is because I get a bit shaken up on sections at Ae on a HT. I think maybe if I had a full suss I would enjoy Ae more, and also it gets quite jumpy so if that is your bag got to Ae.

    Mabie can be ridden in around 2 hours. Less if you are really fit but in a group you will probably be stopping. That is just the red route which I love. You also can spend time at the jump park, session logs and jumps on the red route, and you also have the double black Dark Side – a few km of northshore if you are up for the challenge.

    Dalbeattie has some good sections on the taster loop to try out your rock riding skills before hitting the slab and terrible twins. It does flow quite a lot in my mind, and Treksetr has some lovely local sections which really add to the experience and are more woody, slopey than the rocky sections of the actual route. Again, lots of little bits to session along the way and try out, so if you are more chilled, you may just want to do one Stane a day and do everything that is there. Two Stanes are possible of course if you are all fit and dont hang around.

    Another vote for Ae.
    DBT is IMO the worst Stane (don't count Newcastleton in that) Dull, flat and no facilities. The only highlight is the Slab, but after that it becomes slow singletrack boredom. Ae has jumps,hills, steep descents, wooden shore, optional Shredder/DH section and the last section Omega man (I think) is FAR better than anything DBT has to offer.


    kirroughtree is worth the extra time to get there. also drumlanrig would give you another nearby option.

    i like AE and have never done dalbeattie so cant compare. Check what forestry work is on at AE that might help you decide.


    Premier Icon kimbers

    yeah id go for ae much more fun

    too much flat fireroad at dalbeatie


    I rode Mabie and Ae in a day easily, including leaving my front wheel in the car park at Ae and having to drive all the way back from the car park at Mabie when I tried to put my bike back together and realised it was missing.

    So I would be aiming for both Ae and Mabie in a day and then Dalbeattie the day after, all worth riding in my opinion if you haven't done them before.

    Premier Icon nickc

    There's a nice shop and cafe at Ae…Trail's not as good as Dalbeattie


    Ae or Kirroughtree. I agree with eat more cheese, and don't particularly like Dalbeattie – boring singletrack and too many fireroads. Depends what you like. Kirroughtree has great singletrack, Ae is big, fast, rocky and jumpy.


    Dalbettie, lots of possibilities to lengthen/shorten. Can anyone tell me why you menfolk have to carry your bikes over the long plank near the end of the red tho'? 😆


    How about Drumlanrig? I imagine its rooty goodness will be especially fun this time of year.


    Ae is more up and down, Dalbeatie flatter in gereral and more technical.
    id go dalbeatie, but i do like ae!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    It's quite good how all the Stanes are a bit different really.

    Dalbeattie is mint. Unless you want to sit in a nice warm cafe at the end of the ride in which case Ae is rubbish to as the trail cafe is a few kim down an access road.


    Dalbeattie is probably the best 7 stane. It's got lots of interesting tech bits, nice trails, some real challenges, fun descents.

    Not ridden Ae, but I'd say avoid Mabie unless you're doing the wonderful darkside. It's awful- very dull, very short, very tame.

    It's quite interesting reading this thread…one mans meat is another mans poison and all that. Personally I can't understand how anyone would rate DBT as their fave Stane, to me it's dull dull dull. The techy optional sections are few and far between and if it's pissin' down (Dumfrieshire in nov = 100%) they will be your last visit before Dumfries A&E.

    OP, i'll try and sum it up for you. If you like mtbing on hills, with actual real life downhill sections (you'll have to work a bit to get there – which is why people complain about it) go to Ae. If you're into less work but small techy sections go to DBT, but take a pillow 😉


    Eat More Cheese- when did you last visit? A lot of people I spoke to were dubious, but hadn't visited for years and it's had a lot of work done lately.

    We went in the ice of december and it was all rideable.


    Dalbeattie, do not understand why anyone would call it dull?? Singletrack there to me is a nice level of challenge picking a decent line, but then I am no riding god like some of the punters above. If you like bigger climbs and a thrash downhill then go to Ae but the singletrack is not technical at all apart from the eroded sections.

    S_O, Did Ae and DBT in the same day in Aprilish this year. All that I found at DBT was the optional tree/slabby type sections in the final 1/3 of the ride. The 'tree' bits were sooo slippy in the wet, all rideable yes, but if that's the kinda thing your after, Mabies Dark side is just 10 mins away.


    Dalbeattie and Ae both great,
    Ae for some freeride
    and Dalbeattie for technical stuff

    Ae Vid

    Simon Ralli
    "Mabie can be ridden in around 2 hours?"

    What you riding a unicycle? 🙂


    "Why is Ae rubbish then? I was pretty impressed with it – the last descent is ace"

    I was the first time I went abotu 2 years ago. Revited in June this year and they've ruined a lot of it. It looks like they've forrested a lot of it and the trails they've put back in are very rough, slow and don't really flow very much with no techincal interest
    There are still some really good bits, but around half of it has been turned to slow rough stuff, more like a wiggley cyclepath than well thought out involving singletrack imo
    I prefer dalbaettie if only for the rocks/techy bits

    I prefer both Ae and Dalbaettie over Mabie Red though. I'd like a(nother) go on the double black there but the red did very little for me at the time

    In an ideal world, both are very different and both are very good trails.

    In the real world, Dalbeattie is always fully open, Ae is very rarely fully open.

    Ae seems like a bit of an afterthought, they thought about making it a big long black route (ask Trekster where it was going to go), but ran out of funds/inspiration.

    do Dalbeattie, but when you get out to the back of the forest nip down to Sandyhills head towards Portling and go roudn the coast path to Kippford. Stop at Anchor for lunch & a pint or 3. Rejoin trail and do second part – ideal day out.

    p.s. Dalbeattie trails are better than Ae too 🙂

    Heh – Mabie takes me around 2 hours and a bit more, but then for anyone who has ridden with me knows I am not exactly speedy, and like to stop off and have sarnies and stuff like that – you know – the enjoyments bits – its not just about being on your bike 😀 But yes, I can see that you riding gods would probably spin round in say 15 mins flat or something like that, including doing all that skinny plank stuff lol.


    does it really matter about "this trail is better than that trail".. the main point is that you are out on the trail(s) having fun… and the having fun part is only what you make it…. 😉
    I have been to Kirroughtree-Mabie-Ae-Dalbeatie and I had fun at all of them. They all have their own differing good/bad qualities


    I think it just goes to show people are getting a bit spoiled by these facilities when they say that any of the 7 Stanes are rubbish.

    Ae is great imo – especially if you go up before the last descent and add on the Shredder DH section. I suspect the people who don't like it don't like riding drop-offs or jumps, which is fair enough but no reason to call it rubbish.

    I'd personally sack off Mabie (if its still as wrecked as last time I rode it) and do Dalbeattie and either Ae (which does have some good bits – I actually really like that first climb through the trees!) or Drumlanrig which is meant to be very good but I've never ridden there.

    Dalbeattie doesn't have the massive climbs and descents that Ae has but what the terrain does offer, I think the trails have been really well built to use it. Flowing singletrack sections rather than full on steep descents etc are a winner in my eyes. Theres also some really nice (cheeky?) bits towards the end of the route through the trees…

    Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    A big group of us went up last month and rode Ae, Mabie and Dalbeattie. Everyone thought Ae was the worst of the bunch. Much less flow and less enjoyable all round really. Mabie and Dalbeattie were liked equally. I personally preferred Dalbeattie, but others Mabie. Both were ace, though.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    What day-g and grumm says…………….. 😐

    davyboywonder…there are quite a few good bits at the start as well, just need to know how to link them together 😉 big tour d Dalbeattie and Mabie next weekend(14/15th) if you fancy it ❓ inc the bit properbikeco mentions


    [/quote]In the real world, Dalbeattie is always fully open, Ae is very rarely fully open.

    Nobeerinthefridge … don't want to shatter your quote but Ae has been fully open since March 2009, Dalbeattie is about to commence a works program (like Ae had last year) and will be affected for several months as of next week

    See … http://www.singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/dalbeattie-diversions

    Without a doubt Dalbeattie is better than Ae.

    The reason i can say this is because i have experienced Ae when it wiped the floor with dalbeattie in its earlier guises. Nowadays its is such a poor immitation of what it was i cant bear to ride it.

    Dalbeattie with its recent improvements is a much better man made trail. Ae has the potential to wipe the floor with it if they wanted to.

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