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  • Premier Icon woody2000

    Get some bloody sleep.


    Good luck!


    been there, twice!

    life will NEVER be the same

    good luck MrsOath


    Your baby will come out incredibly ugly possibly looking more alien than human it will be whisked off by a nurse and about a minute later the nurse will reappear with something so beautiful you will cry . There are two explanations for this either delivery has quite an effect on a baby and it needs a rub down a clean and to start breathing through It’s lungs to look It’s best or the NHS is part of an Alien breading program.

    I have no experience of induction but we had a very long labour , reading materials and snacks would be my tip I had bought lots of energy gel drinks and bars but crankygirl hated them and prefered water and real food ie chocolate.

    Best wishes to the three of you.

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Wish me luck, MrsOath is getting induced tomorrow so jnr should arrive prob on Thursday. Any advice for the waiting game that ensues?

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Take sandwiches and thick gloves.

    Sandwiches for you. They look after Mum not you, and it can be a long process.

    Gloves for when your other half squeezes your hand so hard that she draws blood.

    Other than that, best wishes from a proud Dad of two. It’s hours of boredom followed by a few minutes of excitement and worry. Stuff will go awry, don’t sweat the details and be strong for your wife.


    stay at the top end


    Seriously stay at the top end

    Premier Icon alfabus

    I did it last week. You’ll be ‘reet, but it is bloody stressful.

    Wear shorts to the hospital… I wore jeans and t-shirt and absolutely baked – they keep the whole place at a temperature where new born babies are fine without clothes – You are not a newborn baby, you will cook.

    Take a bottle for her to drink out of, with some kind of sugary (isotonic maybe) drink. The hospital will only provide water, and often in really inappropriate vessels (the only option for Mrs-bus was a glass pint of water while in the birthing pool).

    Oh, and food. Take some for yourself. They’ll provide her with some NHS swill (which she’ll love because she is high on hormones), but you get diddly squat or something foul from the vending machines.

    Take some pictures.. my memory of the event is starting to fade already, but I’ve got a load of (gruesome and nice) pictures (which won’t ever get shown to anyone but us two) to remind me of it all.

    Get some sleep before hand, and remember when you get she/he/it home to go and get some sleep, don’t stand there coo-ing at the sleeping baby, GO TO SLEEP, it’ll wake up soon and you’ll regret missing your chance!

    Last one, get your missus to hold your hand by the thumb – like you are arm wrestling – that way she can squeeze all she likes, but not do either of you any damage.

    Good luck!


    Premier Icon cr500dom

    What Junkyard said…… He speaketh the truth

    Stand at the head end and don’t look down

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Enjoy. It is a scary / freaky day, but fabulous.
    Being a parent is best and hardest thing I have ever done.

    Premier Icon senor j

    top end +1
    eat as much as you can now ,and then have another portion.
    enjoy , hope all goes well.


    G’luck – my turn in December so studying every word in this thread!

    Premier Icon transporter13

    Mrs transporter has been in labour (3cm dilated) since 2030 Thursday night.
    Full on contractions and everything, then when we get to the hospital…….NOTHING!. This has happened 5 times up to last night. Have lost Friday and Mondays work so far and have been back at work today.

    It’s supposed to happen easier and faster the more you have, surely???
    This is number 4 for us.

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