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  • Dad diagnosed with cancer today
  • He’s been ill for some time with what was originally thought to be liver disease….they did rule out cancer at one stage but then they found a skin lesion….that was cancerous and they think it is a secondary. Source of the primary cancer yet to be determined – small chance that it is totally unrelated to his mystery illness, but probably unlikely.



    My sympathies panda. My mum’s just come through it for the 2nd time and we lost my father to it in 1999, I hate it.

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    It’s going to be a tough ride. Lost my Mum yesterday 🙁

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    Sincere sympathies with all of you. My dad is going into hospital today for exploratory surgery, as a prelude to the big operation next week when they will remove his bile duct.

    In early December, everything seemed fine. He and my mum visited us twice in two weeks, when we drank whiskey together and laughed. Then, two weeks later, he was jaundiced and in massive discomfort.

    It has been a very difficult month.


    You have my sympathy, spend as much time with him as possible (whatever the outcome)

    It’s going to be a tough ride. Lost my Mum yesterday

    I’m sorry to hear that Capt K. My best wishes to you and yours, and to all of you going through this with a relative. It really isn’t easy at all.

    Sincere sympathies with all of you.

    Hear, hear.

    When I heard the same news from my father, it was like someone had dropped a bomb in the middle of everything. He, however, stood tall and fought it. He fought like a champion, with every inch of his body and soul. He kept on fighting, wouldn’t let it win.

    Last year, when he was finally clear, he held my baby daughter in his arms, looked at me and said, “I’m so bloody glad I’m not dead.”

    It will be a rough ride, it will need all the friends and family you can muster as support, it will need fight, lots of fight. Don’t let it win.

    Good luck.


    Sorry to hear that OP…… hope it all works out now they know what they’re dealing with.

    Lost my Mum yesterday

    Lost mine suddenly on Dec 2nd CK……. that’s both mum and dad gone now 🙁
    I know how you’re probably feeling – stick at it.

    Life truly sucks at times.


    Gutted for you.

    Going through the same at the moment, can’t really focus on anything.

    it was like someone had dropped a bomb in the middle of everything.

    Yep, that’s exactly how it feels.

    Thankfully, I am a self employed contractor/consultant, and it’s easy enough for me to flex my work arrangements to help with things at home. I was hoping to retrain later this year and enter a mental health nursing course, but that might now have to be deferred, if I am lucky enough to be offered a place that is.

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    I took my Dad for a scan yesterday, he’s just finished best part of 8 months of Chemo after non-Hodgkins Lymphoma was removed from his neck. We get results of the scan tomorrow to see if it has been successful, or if not, what next steps are.

    It’s not an easy time, thoughts to all affected.

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    Sorry to hear your news. Lost my dad to brain cancer last November. As already said, spend as much time as possible with him and make the most of it.

    My dad had 2 months from diagnosis to the end, but when the end came it was very quick and still took us all by surprise. Just glad now that I had the spare time to see him as much as I did in those last week’s.

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    LMP -so sorry to hear this. I lost my dad last year and can echo CFH comments re the “bomb”.

    Keep positive for everyone’s sake and remember your faith. Every case is different so try not to think the worst.

    Very best of luck to you all.


    (edit: question, question, question and push the NHS (if appropriate). Sounds bad advice, but IME being passive is not a good strategy when ill and when dealing with the NHS. This is not meant to be a troll so apologies to anyone in the NHS in advance – just my family’s experience of multiple and serious mis-diagnoses)


    I can only reiterate what people have said here about spending as much time with your father as possible. I lost my father in November last year and regret the years that we were not talking to each other. He never held it against me, but I still think of it as wasted time. There’s so much that I could have learned from him that I never did.

    Anyway, tell your father not to give up. Push and push again for help from the NHS.

    Kronos, my deepest sympathies to you and your family.


    Sorry to hear that, I kost my mum to cancer 14 years ago and my dad died 23rd December, it was his birthday on 26th – just to make things worse.
    Echo what everyobe else has said and don’t be like me and think ‘I wish I’d done that with him’, do it while you can ’cause time just seems to disappear.

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    Sorry to hear that. My Dad was diagnosed last Wednesday and had a section of his palate and most of his front teeth removed yesterday along with the tumour. No sign of anything secondary at the mo’ so we’re crossing everything and hoping for the best.

    it was like someone had dropped a bomb in the middle of everything.


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    I am skiing. Txt from Mum, bowel cancer very well advanced. My sympathies mate


    I lost my mum to cancer six years ago but people do beat it.

    It makes me happy to hear stories like CFH’s and I really hope the OP’s father is one of the fortunate ones.

    Things will be tough but try to be positive and give your dad all the support you can.


    Mum and 2 colleagues had cancer of different types.

    One of my colleagues has had to deal with it twice. Detected on final 5 year scan.

    All 3 still here and fully kicking.


    Talk and talk some more. Missing my dad, but remember going to school holding his hand and giving him a last hug before he left.

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    You have my sympathy – it’s a tough ride but stay positive for your mum if you can and remember there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

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