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  • Dacia Jogger – good / bad idea?
  • miky2341
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    We’re looking at replacing the better half’s car and my better half quite likes the look of the Jogger…. From using the search function. I  know a couple of people on here have one. How do you find them? How are they for storing bikes? We are off to look / test drive at the weekend. Forewarned is forearmed and all that!

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    I wanted one until I went to see it in person. I went off the idea pretty quickly and didn’t bother driving it.

    Did the STW default and bought an Octavia wagon.

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    Colleague has the hybrid dacia jogger

    It’s actually half decent to drive in it’s larger size.

    I test drove a Logan mpv in the 0.9tce guise  and it sucked massively . Seriously underpowered regardless of what the BHP figures said. Poor comfort inside as well for the taller gent.

    But the modern hybrid jogger manages to patch that gulf of poor performance on hills and with loads on board. Fairly impressed with that aspect.

    Interiors still spartan and cheap but that’s why it’s cheap.

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    I drove a hire Stepway 0.9 this month. Perfectly decent car, cruised down motorway Stirling to Birmingham with 3 of us on board plus lots of luggage.

    – mpg was poor at 36mpg on dash, my Fabia estate 1.0 does 50mpg on that run similarly loaded, as did my 1.5tsi Leon estate. You did need to rev the engine to get up to speed, probably related.
    – the electric handbrake refused to engage or disengage a couple of times.
    – I was relatively noisy from tyre wear.
    – it bonged. A lot. And the front sign detection stuff kept panicking without need.

    One of my colleagues owns a MK1 Duster and said she would not swap….

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    Go with low expectations and have a decent test drive

    I took a Logan out for a run, I found the engine ok but the noise and ride comfort took me back to my first car in the 80s.

    I’m sure they must be better than that, but go prepared.

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    They have never passed my consciousness before but went in one at the weekend…. twice. It was a 3 month old one. Hybrid taxi. We had a 40 minute trip each way to a festival in Sussex and it seemed quite smooth, pulling well in the lanes. The impressive thing was that there were six adults and the driver. Three of us are reasonably built and the two who were shoehorned into the boot seats are having physiotherapy to unlock their legs from their armpits but if they had been under 5 foot it would have been fine.

    We’re a Hyundai Ionic 5/T5 family at the moment but it struck me as a reasonable runaround with bike lugging potential. I would go and have a drive if it was the type of thing I was in the market for. Surprised at how well it handled all of us although the return journey was bit of a haze.

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    I’m in the market for a practical decent value vehicle and I had considered them but I’m put off by the engine choices- not tried them but don’t float my boat on paper

    Afraid to admit I’m also gravitating towards Octavia estate 1.5tsi – even the newer one with the crappety touchscreen thing

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    I q fancied one but read the reviews and the mk2 duster is the one to get.  Seems to do everything OK.

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    but read the reviews and the mk2 duster is the one to get.  Seems to do everything OK.

    That’s the one I’ve got. It’s fine. Not BMW or Merc level quality of course, but  you’re not paying for that. There’s nothing that irritates me, but I’m assuming that the badge might massively irritate some people beyond any actual real world issues.

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