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  • Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Harry Garlick’s in Burnley have a big sale on at the mo.

    Just picked up a Pure Evoke 2S for £79.99.
    That’s nearly a ton off the list price.

    New, not seconds, refurb or returns.

    Worth giving them a ring, they’ve loads of DAB bargains at the mo.


    DAB radios used to be known as Destroy All Batteries, so a rechargeable might have a short playtime. Got no knowledge of rechargeable myself though Pure Dabs seem very good (mains)

    It has to be a personal DAB that I can keep on me as we have to plug the into noise cancelling ear phones.

    Premier Icon chorlton

    I’m after a new DAB radio so think I’ll have a trip over to Burnley tomorrow and get one of those Pure’s. Might be a bit posh for work though but I’m fed up of the cheap supermarket DAB radios packing up after a year or less. Gone through about 3 or 4 of them at £40/£50 a time.
    False economy that is.

    Hi guys could someone recommend an personel DAB, has to be rechargeable, only looking to spend around £30 – 40 as it’s for work and will get knocked around a bit.


    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Last week they had 3 of the 2S’s left, a couple of the standard 1’s and a Marshall Amp edition of the 1 as well.
    Quite a few bargain Roberts sets too.
    All new stock they needed to turnover.

    Might be worth ‘phoning to see what’s left.
    I can really recommend the 2S though, the sound quality is amazing.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    I know one of these going since 1966. New valves, but that’s it.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    They sound lovely with a decent stereo decoder.
    How many must have ended up in skips?

    I picked one of these up a few years ago for £70.00 new:

    Limited edition Roberts Revival Jaguar model.
    Sounds lovely, Connolly Leather covered, just need the car to match 😀

    The last new one is currently for sale at a thousand Euro’s 😯


    If its just for headphone use, have you considered just using a smartphone and whatever app you need for your radio station?

    Chances are, the audio quality will be better (dab is very old tech at low bit rate)



    Chances are you wont have 3g if your outside of population centres though

    Odd occasion where dab drops but mostly its fine 🙂


    got a personal dab from asda for 22 quid the other day. It takes aaa batteries. So i bought some rechargables from 7day shop and the jobs a good un. Its a bit plasticy but for the money who cares


    I got a Makita DAB site radio from Screwfix last year for £99.

    Sound quality is excellent. It does eat batteries, but with tool high capacity tool batteries readily available, not too much of a problem.

    Depending on what cordless tools you already have, there are a number of manufacturers who also produce Site radios

    Yeah I’ve tried the radio app but signal drops off all the time so it’s time for a DAB as I lost the charger for my old fone that had an fm radio on it.
    I’ll have a look to see if that one comes back into stock at Asda Grim cheers.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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