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  • D600 camera back focussing issues.
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    Don’t really expect any help or advice, but just needed to vent.

    Dropped over 2.5K in November on a D600 and a 24-70mm lens. My first paying job was a kids’ party and I was surprised to find that I ended up with a good number of out of focus images. The problem seemed to come and go, so I put it down to user error and getting used to a new camera.

    Did a few totally unscientific tests thereafter and all seemed well, but shot my last wedding of the year last Friday and looking at the results today, once again, a fair number of shots are focussed perhaps 3″ behind the subject.

    Finally got scientific with a tripod, self timer and a ruler tonight and there’s definitely an issue, but it’s also definitely intermittent. I can calibrate the body to -20 which solves the problem but may cause issues the other way given that the issue is intermittent.

    Emailed the HK sellers tonight (DigitalRev with whom I must have spent tens of thousands over the years) and must now just sit and wait for a response. Very, very pissed off, mostly with myself, but also that a brand new £2600 camera and lens should be so far out. Not as pissed off as my client would be if they ever found out how much coverage they’d lost though.


    Firstly have you check other photographic web sites to see of its a common fault
    Also contact the camera manufacture
    And also return the camera But would be to follow up with a call from where you
    bought the camera from


    There has been quite a bit of chat on Flickr about this and the oil issue!

    A little worrying as I too had been looking to invest a large chunk into one soon.


    Presumably you’ve tried different lenses?
    Not sure how it could be, but could it be the lens rather than the body?

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    I’d first look for a firmware fix, there have been several for the D4. Also, you can calibrate each lens (or you can on the D4), so maybe try that on the D600?

    EDIT: just seen you’ve tried calibration. My bet is it’s a SW problem which will get fixed shortly.


    There’s some stuff on bythom about Nikon AF problems, although they may be just d800 related. From what I remember some cameras (quite a lot) have flaky outer AF points but the centre point works fine.


    Yes, I have been looking at various threads on dp review and other forums but really don’t have the time or inclination to sort this out myself. That said, I’ll be buying some FoCal software today (been meaning to it for ages anyway) which should sort it out.

    My main worry is that the problem is intermittent. I simply can’t have a camera which sometimes fails to perform – I need something which is 99% reliable 99% of the time.

    Ski – haven’t come accross “the oil issue” but will look into it. Footflaps – don’t think there’s been a D600 update yet. 5thElefant – tests were carried out using the centre AF point.

    I’ll update after downloading and testing with FoCal.


    I’ve had issues with my D4, just received it back from NPS so testing it these coming weeks and will see how it improves, but what started as a great switch from Canon is now showing signs of being not so great…. Hope you get your’s fixed ASAP!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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