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  • How do I work out which ones I’ll need and where can I get some from?
    My new Louis Garneau shoes are hurting my feet about half way along the sole, toward the outer side of my feet.
    I previously had Specialized shoes which were hurting in the same way but nearer the ball of my feet.
    It’s a quite severe ache and it’s difficult to stand on them if I’ve been for a long cycle ride.
    Both makes of shoes felt fine in the store but not fine when in use.
    I can’t take them back so some modification will have to suffice.
    Can anybody help?
    Oh, something I’ve just remembered. They don’t hurt if they are fastened loosely but then they slip while I’m pedalling so that won’t work.


    I had some Sole sole’s sold to me for my Sidi shoes, as my alignment is out and need more arch support. They are comfy but have sharp edges and have damaged the inner lining of the shoes. I’m currently trying some Sorbothane Pro insoles and so far they’re great, arch support, cushioning etc. Got them off Ebay for around £17 delivered.


    Specialized do a semi-custom footbed which may be a cheap First option. Pop into a big specialized dealer (like Tredz) and they should have a fella (or lass) suitably trained up to help you out.


    Superfeet Black or Yellow. Failing that you could try to fine tune the fit with volume reducers and the like


    Are you a pathologist?

    Thank you for those suggestions, I’ll have a look. £100 shoes that hurt my feet does not make for a happy cyclist.

    I’m not a pathologist but I pay a lot of attention to the cycle paths I ride. Cycle Path Ologist wouldn’t register. No spaces allowed I suppose?

    Are you a particularly alluring rider?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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