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  • Cyflym Coch with 16" wheels?
  • Was thinking of taking the weans to CYB this weekend and wondering what the options are apart from Minortaur (excellent) and Afon (quite scenic)?

    The kids, especially the 6 year old are getting reasonably competent but are not into hard work and it doesn’t really take much rockwork to completely overwhelm his 16″ wheels.

    From what I can see of the Cyflym Coch it doesn’t start with the other grarr under the Rockshox, but rather a bit further along presumably near where the minortaur starts. Which means it misses out the very rocky un6yearoldfriendly section at the beginning of The Beast/MBR etc, but it then seems to join that route after that point.

    Anyway, any opinions about how suitable it is for 6yo and 8 yo?


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    Too rough and climby for a sixer.


    A lot (all?) the trails are apparent closed due to storm damage. A different venue might be better

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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