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  • cyclocross tyres on a 29 er
  • ktmblag

    is there any reason i can’t put cyclo cross tyres on my 29 er. Want to make it a bit faster commuting and light trails

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    No reason, but consider Schwalbe Big Apples. No knobs but ok for light trails and fast on rough road surfaces.

    Read their blurb about the faster rolling characteristics of fat tyres.

    And why racers use narrow tyres


    That’s gave me something to think about. Thank you..might save me money and buy a energy bar instead

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    might be a limited by the width of your rim ie: stans flows might not work so well with super narrow cx tyres. maybe worthwhile checking if there’s a recommended max rim width for the tyres you choose and check your current rims are within it if so, but otherwise why not!


    As I seem to keep repeating myself – CX tyres are not a great choice on the road and I have no idea why so many people seem to think of them as a commuting choice. You’ll be better with some ‘city’ tyres or touring tyres and just use them off-road.

    One thing to bare in mind is that you will be dropping your bottom bracket. I’ve used 26″ CX tyres and it meant I was hitting my pedal on the floor when powering out of corners. I found larger light tyres quicker and ‘rolled’ better.

    And you’ll be making your 29er the same size as a 26er 😉

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    I fitted some Conti Cyclocross to my 29’er wheels. They haev fitted well on two different rims and had no issues.
    They dont roll any quicker than the Conti X-Kings 2.2 I replaced them for but they do seem to cut through the mud and current conditions better than the x-kings. I use them on the road and have had no issues with them, but I want the versatility of going of road as well.
    If it is just commuting go for touring/city tyre.
    I have had no issues with pedal strikes when cornering?
    Pic of the bike in cyclocross mode.

    Singular Gryphon – Church 2 by Yeti Tony, on Flickr


    epicyclo, thanks for those links. Very interesting. I’m currently wondering what to put on my 29er for road use. It has 19mm internal width rims, so I guess anything down to a 24mm tyre would be okay. Maybe a 35mm would be a good compromise?

    Can anyone recommend a light 700x35c tyre that will take a decent pressure?

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    I’m using 38C Small Block 8s on Stans

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I like it so much that I converted a 29er into a road bike

    and you’ll find that Big Apples can take you just about anywhere…

    They’re also brilliant on fast downhills with curves – confidence inspiring grip

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