Cyclists on narrow country roads . . .

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  • Cyclists on narrow country roads . . .
  • bonj

    Worst of all were the folk in the hire car descending to Bridge of Balgie, epic twisty long descent but they were going at about 15mph despite two cyclists on their bumper trying to find a way past

    don’t get me started on majorcan coaches. 👿 GRR!


    I’m sorry, why are people so bothered about letting other vehicles past that are faster than them?

    The usual automatic self-defence of cyclists ‘right’ to be on the road as justification for basically being inconsiderate and impolite pisses me off. There’s no good reason not to have a little courtesy and let people pass when there’s an opportunity.

    Maybe it’s different in the home counties or wherever the STW armchair warriors are sitting, but in Scotland my experience is that if you pull over or give a vehicle space on a narrow road you always get a wave or a toot of thanks, and I give one back. No stress, everyone’s happy!




    I always try to let vehicles pass if I am aware they’re sat on my back wheel for no reason other than I’m in the way.

    Seems to me to be the considerate and well-mannered thing to do.

    What’s to be gained by being pig-headed about your ‘right to be on the roads’ bla bla bla?

    Plus, many motorists already resent cyclists enough without being given even more reason.


    kit.. joao3v16

    absolutely right..
    sadly there seems to be a militant faction of the cycling community that are oblivious to the fact that they may be damaging the goodwill built up by everyone else.. and it’s all just so that can play out some adolescent rebel fantasy..

    such a shame really.. makes you wander about these sorts of people..

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I ALWAYS pull over if I am going to hold someone up for more than 20s or so, or if it’s a big lorry etc and can’t pass. I look at make eye contact, and speed up til I find a pull in or the road widens out.

    I also always give a wave for people who’ve waited for me or passed nicely.

    I believe that I have every right to continue using the road when someone comes up behind me, however I choose to be nice.

    I hope it goes some way towards helping the reputation of cyclists amongst motorists. I have to worry about stuff like this because of c*cks like some people winding them up.


    I’m sorry, why are people so bothered about letting other vehicles past that are faster than them?

    I’m not too sure what you’re apologising for as no one appears to be saying anything to the contrary to this.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    I pull into a passing place, hardly ever get a wave of thanks, even being given the finger would be something!


    the troll to post ratio of this topic is approaching 1:1

    Premier Icon DezB

    I always acknowledge the nice drivers who stay behind me and pass with consideration

    Me too. And I always give the finger to ones who go too close.
    No idea about the OP’s road or passing or whatever cos I’ve never been there.


    I’m not too sure what you’re apologising for as no one appears to be saying anything to the contrary to this

    There are a few posts on the first page, but I can’t be arsed copying them for ease of reference. Of course, whether they’re sincere or not I don’t know.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I ride a brakeless fixie on pavements outside primary schools swearing at all the kidz who get in my way.

    I feel it’s the only ptoportionate response to the outrage felt by the OP.

    I think people are getting hooked up on why ‘should’ you stop and let a motorist pass but that isn’t the issue here. The issue is that the cyclist won’t use the passing places to allow the OP to pass in his car.

    we ride a road section to get to the off road section on our bikes that is narrow and doesn’t have any passing places, we either sprint a bit to get to the open section quicker if a car comes up behind or find a place that isn’t a passing place but with a careful lean of the bike against the bank allows the car to squeeze pass. Sometimes we get a thank you, other times we don’t.

    I also do this in town, if a lorry or van is struggling to get past I will pull up onto the pavement and let him pass. We all have places to get to, I choose to do it slower on a bike so that shouldn’t mean that all other traffic should drive at the speed of me. If I am holding other people up then I feel I have a duty to let them pass.

    But then, I am the type of person that if I have a full weeks food shopping and the person behind is buying a paper / choc bar / packet of sandwiches I’ll let them go in front on me.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I don’t think I can handle the moral and ethical dilemmas that go hand in hand with riding on the road any more. Better to stick to the mountain bike and just fret over whether I should give way to riders climbing or descending and ponder the differences between trail centres and giant bike parks. Not sure I’m bright enough to ride a bike at all these days, it does seem to be awfully complicated.

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