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  • Cyclist hurt after hitting rope tied across Edinburgh path
  • kcr

    Strava? Surely this incident can be directly attributed to the Times column by Matthew Parris back in 2008 where he wrote “A festive custom we could do worse than foster would be stringing piano wire across country lanes to decapitate cyclists”. I know that it was 5 years ago, there is no mention of Matthew Parris in the article, it was not a country lane and it was rope instead of piano wire, but it’s still pretty obvious there is a direct link.

    Seriously, though, nasty incident, and I’m pleased to see the cops on the case. I got a quick follow up after complaining about abuse from neds driving moto-cross bikes and quads on the Union canal path (the police tracked them down and spoke to them) so I hope they get a result here.


    gordimhor – Member
    On a shared use path parents should really be using the same level of control as you would when next to or crossing a road.

    There speaks a man without toddlers. As a cyclist, it just seems common sense to expect the unexpected. I do it on the roads and I expect it on shared use paths. Toddlers aren’t capable of taking on board training in the same way as dogs. If you’re approaching a family on a Sunday walk,just slow the **** down and give some warning of your approach.


    Wow much anger. I slow right down, sometimes to a trackstand so Toddlers, school kids, dog walkers, the bloke with the Ipod wedged in his ears, that blind lady and a whole host of others can ‘get under control’ Love that…it’s a path for heavens sake, get some perspective or simply use the roads.
    And for the record, what we talking about, 1 maybe 2 seconds.

    Ropes across paths, been done since WW11.


    This has happened a couple of times on the Bristol to Bath cycle track over the years.

    Probably worth mentioning it was in the pre-strava days. Some folk just hate cyclists.


    What’s sad is that the anger directed to other path users is akin to that shown by motorists to groups of cyclists on the road.
    I’m not slowing down for them.
    I’ll hurt them on purpose.

    Never thought I was an old hippy.

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    Trail rat, user removed and old git +1

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    There is absolutely no evidence of any “aggressive” riding or behaviour directed at other path users. What there is evidence of is a violent attack directed at cyclists.

    Some of you need to get a grip, and stop making excuses for a violent attack. If a pensioner was a victim of a violent mugging, would your first thought be, ah well some pensioners can be grumpy buggers, they bring it on themselves. Maybe you think girls wearing short skirts deserve to be raped? It is all the same logic.


    Agreed. and if you can’t control your own toddlers or have the common sense to keep them out of harms way don’t take them on a shared path and certainly not near busy roads.
    Pmsl at toddlers not having the same capacity for training as dogs ;D


    Someone found this local to us recently:

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    Re comment about shrewsbury
    “funkrodent – Member
    My mum regularly walks the grand kids (sub 10 yrs old) on a path bt the river Severn in Shrewsbury. Notwithstanding the fact that cyclists shouldn’t even be on it,”

    Which area are you talking about?
    This shows a shared route all along the Severn in the town and the Quarry park. Might be worth printing and passing on.

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