Cycling trousers i can wear at work

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  • Cycling trousers i can wear at work
  • Premier Icon wonny j

    I’m after some cycling trousers I can use for my short cycle to work and then use at work as well.

    Looking for something reasonably smart which don’t look like hiking trousers (don’t want seams all over the place)

    I quite like those rapha ones but they are super pricey. Howies look a bit more reasonable

    Any ideas?


    if its a short cycle to work, won’t *any* trousers do the job?

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Surface (Charge’s clothing brand) did some, but you wouldn’t want to put anything in the pockets.

    I got some surface, they looked gash. Sent them back. I might have done better with a medium but there aren’t any left anywhere.

    I’ve now just ‘demoted’ a pair of jeans to the commute and stick some nicer ones on when I get to work – they live in a drawer there. I’m rambling aren’t I? Carry on…


    Levis do a cycling specific range of jeans I think. Might be up your street?

    You may have to order in from the US though…

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Those swrve ones look decent.

    It is only a short ride to the office but I quite often go for a spin at lunch time or off to meetings. And my GF would like to get me something for christmas.

    Has anyone tried the howies berridge?


    Ground Effect too

    hiking trouser


    I just got some stuff from them and it arrived in just over a week and no tax 🙂

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Yeah these Bontrager ones looks a bit like walking trousers and I couldn’t wear these in work.

    Ground Effect are borderline

    i do like the swrve ones

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I quite like those rapha ones but they are super pricey.

    Keep an eye on the Rapha website though for sales or one-off discount codes. The trousers are pricey but very good. I got mine 50% off.

    They do bulk deals as well where you get discounts for buying specified ‘bundles’ of clothes. Yes all their stuff is expensive and a lot of it I would never consider but it’s generally excellent quality.


    30 quid in the Rapha sample sale in London IIRC…

    Gah! I want all those SWRVE ones. And their wax jacket looks neat. The Levi’s ones are surely a joke ‘skinny leg’ jeans for cyclists? Even my wizened old, out-of-practice legs don’t fit in skinny jeans. I like the look of most of the Outlier stuff. Looks like they might take the niche that Howies used to fill for me: outdoor clothes that don’t look like they came from the camping shop.

    I got the Swrve ones. the regular trim fit is slim at the calves, slimmer than my usual straight leg jeans. They won’t work well with a pair of Timberland boots as they won’t go over the top. I guess that’s OK for folks in their teens. Not so for an elderly bloke like me. The slim fit makes sense as they don’t flap about on the bike. I can only imagine that the skinny fit ones are like a pair of tights. The Cordura ‘denim’ is neat. Feels very much like a soft denim. It stretches a bit which makes the jeans very comfy and makes movement whilst walking or riding much easier than tough, rigid denim. So comfy that I feel drawn to more stretch clothing if this is how it feels…

    The pen pockets are handy – no more stabbing yourself in the leg as you get on the bike.

    The mobile phone pocket on the back is OK for my slim Nokia work phone, but no use for a smart phone. The pockets are a nice depth for jeans. I can get my big hands all the way in and stuff stays in the pockets when I sit down. Different from some jeans with their pretend pockets. Not quite as good as Bill’s Khakis with their landfill-size pockets though.

    The reflective bits are neat:2 reflective belt loops and a stripe on the inside of the right leg. The washing instructions warn that you need to be cool with these jeans to reduce abrasion and wear on the reflective stuff, so this could do with a bit of improvement.

    Would I buy them again? Possibly, especially if the fit was a little bit looser on the calves.

    @kayak23, how I wish I had the job that went with that. 😀

    I got the Surface Liquistretch trousers. They are a lot better to cycle in than you’d imagine.
    Think Evans are doing them cheap at the minute.
    Only things I can fault themon are that they’re a bit long, and you will need some way to protect them from the chain.

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