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  • iDave

    Go for a last ride, down the Windsor trail in New Mexico, on my trusty Maverick, before I have a shag fest to celebrate my 178th birthday

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I'd have to place the Marmotte and the Leadville 100.

    If plans go right for next year I should be around Leadville in August. No way would I be fit for it though. What, was that a certain L Armstrong letting out a sigh of relief? 😉


    Pack parachute as I missed that sharp left on the cliff…

    And take out life assurance so my loved ones can buy a car to remember me by…


    Moab and the Trans Rockies/Alps

    Do some lift assisted riding in the Alps. I know loads of you guys do it and I'm dead envious because circumstances don't permit 🙁


    get a hardtail again
    get a 360 table


    Summer 08 I was at the bottom of Mt Ventoux. I was keen to ride it, but it just didn't fit with what we had planned. I really regret not riding it now, and I've promised myself to get back one day, which could be tough, as I now live in NZ!


    Moab, North Shore, Lhasa to Khat, Cape Epic, win a race


    Kinavit – Member
    Lhasa to Kathmandu

    +1 – or at least some other route through the Big Mountains.

    When me and a few other pals were 22ish, we all saved for six months for a meticulously planned tour in the Himalayas. We'd done the Pyrenees the Summer before and thought we were ready 😯

    Perhaps fortunately, it was called off as one of them got a job in Sotheby's, London, and the other broke his collar bone.

    Anyway, that route is most definitely on my list.


    Surprised to see no mention of GDR or Iditabike yet.


    Oh sorry Ian. I'd love to do the Iditabike. But I'm too weak and feeble to even think about it.
    /looks around

    No, no-one I know is tough enough to manage it, unless you know someone….


    cross simpson desert in oz

    it's brutal in a 4WD – but I have to admit, since I heard about it, I can't help but want to do it.

    I've met people who've done it and they all agree it is amazing in retrospect but brutal at the time. That's from 4WD and camel users too!

    I also want to finish a 24 solo.

    Mega Avalanche.

    Own my own land avec singletrack.

    lap of Oz.

    London to Istanbul.

    I reckon lap of Oz and finish 24 solo are most likely on that list TBH.


    Everyone should do the Megavalanche – awesome experience.

    I'd love to do some biking in the Himalayas, and Utah, and the Tour of Mont Blanc would be pretty cool too. I'd like to do some silly euro roadie race like the Marmotte at some point – but I dunno how likely that is.


    Mont Ventoux

    Simply the toughest barsteward out there, scary when you hit the bald top out of the trees having seen it from miles away, suddenly you are there, it was hard through the trees, but then it just keeps getting harder.

    Then you turn around and come down, the most fun you can have with your pants on.



    LEJOG Off Road
    BC Bike Race

    Premier Icon myheadsashed

    Go bike rafting in Alaska………

    Premier Icon dogtiredandwired

    North sea cycle route.

    Vancouver to San Diego.

    Summer 24 hour race above the arctic circle (24 hours of light in Yukon Territory)

    24 hour race solo

    Anything in Mongolia.

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