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  • Premier Icon MrSpud

    I've got about 13 days left of my holiday allowance (until the end of Jan which this year I have to use up) so am thinking about going on a cycling holiday somewhere. I've seen cycleactive and skedaddle and a few others but would really like a recommendation if at all possible! Will be just me (bird doesnt have sufficient holiday left) – I dont really have a budget in mind but it would be quite good to get some tuition at the same time i guess.


    I went to Morocco in April with cycleactive and it was brilliant, best holiday ever! was good value for money , guide was excellent and taught me some additional skills whilst I was there. I know they have some good European ones to like Spain, Croatia and Italy. And may get a goodish deal if you're booking last minute. I cannot recommend the Morocco one enough though!!

    Premier Icon timraven

    I've been to AQR in the Pyrenees, and Bikevillage in the Alps both highly recommended. Run by enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides.

    Premier Icon beej

    I've done several trips with Skedaddle – Morocco, Lake Garda, Sardinia, Norway. All excellent, can't recommend them enough. Morocco was amazing, did the Altas Mountains to Sahara one.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Getting towards the end of the season in the Alps – lifts shut in Morzine which is the end for most companies out there. I think Bikevillage run on through September and could really recommend them, went out for a week in 08 and had superb riding.

    If Spain is your bag, Ciclo Montana come hugely recommended, have been out there half a dozen times and can't fault them at all – excellent riding and Marco and Jacky are brilliant guides and hosts. Should be warm but not scorchio now as well (we usually go in March/ April but if I had the time and money I'd go back next week without any hesitation).

    Heard good things about Finale Ligura as well but haven't been.

    Premier Icon Del

    bike verbier if you like steep and rooty, with excellent fun guides, great accomodation, and did i mention steep rooty trails?
    joyriders spain if you like warm weather, dusty trails, and free beer 🙂


    Another vote for bike village in the Alps.

    Also pyractif in the Pyrenees, we went there for a week on the road bikes, and it was brilliant. They've got a hot tub as well.

    Premier Icon steveh

    Have a look at switchbacks for holidays in spain, great trails and generally nice sunny weather.

    i'm off to BV for my 6th time on saturday…

    however 12th to 19th is their final week of guiding this season, i'm staying an extra week however… i think they are full for the final week of guiding though.

    bv is, however, ace.

    not been elsewhere.


    heard good things about skedaddle. A mate sometimes guides for them and tells some good stories.



    1) It is Italy so much better than France / Spain (better food, people etc) 😉
    2) Almost too hot in July and August, great weather in September and into October. In fact I prefer it there in September to any other month.
    3) The normal alpine destinations eg. French Als can be VERY rainy from September
    4) Van based uplift so you don't have to worry about lifts closing
    5) Few miles from the beach and the Med is nice and warm this time of year.

    I am completely impartial of course ! 😀


    mr MC posting;

    From various accounts Cycleactive's Morocco trip is the most technical riding of all the guided trips there with Exodus being amost exclusively doubletrack. Whoever you go with the terrain is amazing. A wealthy and well travelled member of our group summed it up as the best of Moab, the rockies and the Alps, all in one day. Have to agree with the missus, was the best holiday Ive had (and I'm considerable older and better travelled than her ;-).

    Rich the guide is also a professional technical/riding coach so you get your money's worth out of him.


    I've been to Spain with joyriders twice, once in december 07 and once in may 06, very pleasant people, great accomodation, great trails (lots of climbing so be fit – although I think they will drop you off nearer the top is you want), and the jacuzzi tops it off.

    Hey Guys,

    Badnewz is right, we now do up-lift days and have epic rides with more down than up..

    Although the climbs are always there for people who want them!!



    not sure what you are after but have a look at exodus, KE Adventures, Red Spokes and Big Mountain Adventures – lots of choice for all sorts of different types of rider
    i have been with all and they are all excellent

    for a reasonable cost and the weather and country consider morocco – high atlas traverse or atlas descent (its not all down!)

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Have a look here:

    Ian and Angela Pendry. I've been twice now and they are absolutely awesome. Endless singletrack trails and a couple of world class bike parks on their door step if you like that sort of thing. It's all inclusive of food and drink too. The food is superb!

    They are both top riders and will give you as much, or as little input as you want about your riding. Just ask. When I've been they have had everyone from top downhillers preparing for the Mega to out and out XC riders and there really is something for everybody. They will of course tailor the routes to make sure you get exactly what you want from the holiday.

    And no….. I'm not on commission. 8)




    Personally AQR were brilliant, Luchon top but
    try Prades area in france there is a company there not used them but the area is tremendous.
    Friends have used riveria bikes highly recommended

    Premier Icon younggeoff

    Whoever you choose ring up and make sure they are going to provide the right type of riding. We've just got back from spain having gone there on recommendations and I was sorely disappointed with the riding, everything else was ok though. I've heard really good things about AQR and Skedaddle and I think we'll be going with one of them next year.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I agree with younggeoff. You'll find dozens of recommendations forthcoming, but what suits one person may not suit another and you don't say what kind of riding you like. A friend of mine has just returned from a week in Les Arcs, but really didn't enjoy it since it was all uplift. Now she's no stranger to downhilling but she likes to pedal a bit and have a journey on the bike. Horses for courses, so get emailing some companies and find one that will do what YOU want to do and THEN come on here to see if they are recommended.

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