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  • samuri

    I’ll not be doing any of this stuff this year but…

    South downs way both ways
    transpennine trail in a day (again)
    300 mile in a day
    UK, top to bottom, unsupported, unhoused (I bivvy or sleep in shelter)
    A month in France. Like the Jackal I will sleep with rich divorcees to hide my trail, I will ride the green lanes of provance. I will drink raw red wine and eat strong loose cheese. I will mingle, with the reserve.


    not bike related but ive always fancied walking the GR10 across the Pyrenees

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Mega avalanche (Done)
    Mountain of Hell
    Paris Roubaix sportive (borrowed from a friend)
    Wildside in Tassie (Entering this week for January)
    TransAlp (raced or social)
    Alp d’Heuz Climb
    Masters DH World Cup
    Oceania Championships (any discipline)
    100km & 100mile race
    Whistler Bike Park & North Shore Vancouver


    Race DH
    Ride ‘the Shore’

    Er, I think that’s it. Pretty content really . . .

    Whats on your cycling bucket list? Im trying to think of stuff for mine. Not just mtb related some are more attainable than others but all are possible!. So far in no particular order……

    Do an overnight ride to a bothy somewhere
    Coast to coast
    End to end
    Ride a cyclocross race in belgium
    Ride duo Normand
    Attend a framebuilding course and build my own frame
    Ride a twenty four hour event

    Taka, the GR10 is incredible, I spent a month walking and wild camping the middle (most interesting) section. One of the best experiences I have had so far.

    Trans Pyrenees is my next cycling goal.

    I’d like to ride from my front door to the Mediterranean, no special reason just seems like it’d be a good ride and a decent challenge.

    Ride the great divide.


    Mega Avalanche
    and just have as much fun as possible on every ride with my new Commencal Supreme 6

    Ride Moab (doing next week)
    Marmotte sportive
    Passeportes du Soleil
    Whistler – Rainbow Mt. heli-drop


    Learn how to wheelie, because it’s ace
    Great Divide Route
    7 Stanes
    Colorado Trail
    South Downs Way
    Ride in Pisgah, North Carolina, without getting lost
    BC Bike Race


    C2C in a day
    SDW double
    Lon Las Cymru
    Bivi trip(s)(some of the above maybe)
    Home to Italy with my son if he’s still up for it in about 10 years time
    Fred Whitton again but faster
    Kielder 100 again but faster
    Jedi course
    Join a club (maybe)
    Ride a unicycle
    Get a tandem
    Plus a vague notion to spend time exploring the alps.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Coast to Coast
    ride a unicycle
    do some proper road miles
    Pyranese (in 3 weeks this will move into the “Done” section)

    bucket list items done-
    DH day at Innerleithen
    outride my mates on their full sussers with me on my hardtail (thanks to Jedi)


    C2C in a day (planned this year)
    Kielder 100 in under 10 hours
    Road ride in the Alps
    One of the classics sportives like Paris-Roubaix.
    Win a road race (need a licence first)

    I got one of my list ticked on Saturday so it is now gone. Last year I tried to ride to Newcastleton (from Newcastle) but the weather was terrible so I turned round at Kielder. The main aim was to get to the Border but Newcastleton seemed like a nicer target as I like the ride over). Got all the way this time. 135miles mix of road, gravel cyclepath and red/black mtb paths on a CX bike with semi slicks.

    Got a Strava KOM as well ๐Ÿ˜‰


    still not given up my dream of riding the tour divide- just got a little distracted by life ๐Ÿ˜‰

    id also like to go to the canadian northshore

    im hoping to tick off the major cols this summer – 3 weeks in the alps in the van with mtb and road bikes.

    id like to see sub 20 for a 10mile one day …. even if it is wind assisted ๐Ÿ˜‰ PB is 21.50 on a TT bike with standard wheels , helmet and shorts/jersey combo.


    Follow the dog


    Whistler Bike Park & The North Shore
    Roscoff to Santander on the road bike

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I’d still like to do the trails behind the nat west in Swindon

    Premier Icon markgraylish

    Whistler – Rainbow Mt. heli-drop

    Hmmm – I’ve done that. A great experience but I wouldn’t call it a classic ride. It’s pretty much a fall line trail with the odd bit of flat so was over pretty damn quickly. Great views at the top. This was back in 2005, I think, so there may be other routes now and there are rumours that some new alpine singletrack is going to be developed up there.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Keilder 100
    Black mountains three day and not be DFL!! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    BC Bike race
    Learn to do a passable “bubba scrub”
    Ride in the alps
    Ride each day for a week
    South Downs way
    Paris Roubaix sportive
    Get sub 100kgs!

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    Sub 24h South Downs Way Double
    Paris Roubaix Sportive
    IoM End 2 End
    A podium in a race, any race will do!
    The seven rides in the 7DS:

    coolhandluke, do you have a route for the pyrenees??


    Only really have the L’Eroica on my list. Rides and stuff just seem to come your way over the years.


    roc d azur – roc marathon 83km
    kielder 100 – please come back!!


    Go on the Yeti factory staff ride in Golden, Colorado.
    Attend USA Yeti Tribemeet
    Organise a Retrobike gathering at Mt Tamalpais (Charlie Kelly and Joe Breeze post regularly on Retrobike forum, hopefully they may attend!)
    that’s it so far…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ride more world cup courses (only done the Fort)
    West Highland Way
    Whole Enchilada
    SAAS Fee


    Been meaning to do L’Eroica for several years now – just need to find the right bike. That’s definitely top of my list.
    Raid Pyrenean
    Wildside MTB race
    Follow a river to its mouth (probably the Loire or Rhine but open to ideas)
    One of adventurecycling’s trans-America routes, at a leisurely pace

    I’m lucky to have ticked off most my mtb must-dos.


    I am going to Nepal in October for my 40th with 7 mates, Av. 40km a day, Kathmandu Valley. Not getting any younger, so why not.

    Cannot wait!



    Clear all the jumps on the first two straights of the Bradford BMX track.
    Be able to do those mid air “nose down” things that BMX racers do.
    Whistler (possibly next year if my son overcomes his fear of bears and love of Andorra ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    Get much more comfortable on gaps and doubles.


    I’d like to ride Mustang Valley in Nepal and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

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