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  • Torminalis

    I am at work, I have my bike in the car and I want to go for a spin at lunchtime. Is there anything worth riding in the Theale area?

    Or should I just go and do laps of the Sainsbury’s car park?


    Hmm, I once met a women who took me back to her place which happened to be a very weird cabin/lodge in the middle of the woods nr Theale. Turned out to be a lunatic with a crazy ex who used to go round in the middle of the night with a knife. Stories since verified by those that know.

    So maybe a day ride as opposed to something after dark …


    Sainsbury’s car park here I come!


    There’s a few bits that fiddle from Bradfield through Southend to Bucklebury common (which is a wood, not a common)

    Nothing very exciting but better than the carpark.

    Get onto Bing maps in OS mode and find the river Pang at Bradfield and follow it west, you’ll see where I mean.


    Canal, and use the coff fxxtpxths, that emanate, you can go road bridge (on Sish of Theale, cross railway heading Sish), turn R onto canal, along, canal out and back fpaff marked Depot/Gravel Cottages is doable, can also cycle into middle of Reading on canal (L at bridge and back, good surface) (*can get train back either way) (can go right round Reading and back (Theale – canal Reading, over to E of Reading, NWish on Thames path, climb stairs at Tilehurst station, sort of S(roads/town) and over footpath to Theale)

    Otherwise you have to move a few miles to hookup with trails

    Premier Icon beej

    What toab said – there’s not a huge amount round there but if you have time to get to the common… it’s ok.

    Arlington Business Park by any chance?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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