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  • Mounty_73

    I am about to sign up to the cycle scheme through work…just started looking at bikes, 🙂

    Any suggestions to add to the very short list please? Its going to be hardtail, not sure on 26 or 29 until I start trying a few…

    So far…

    Cube Ltd 26 & 29
    Cannondale SL2


    Anyone? 🙂


    Crikey there are hundreds of options. How much?


    Sorry, I thought I had put budget in!

    Max £1,000


    I chose a Whyte Saxon Cross CX bike and its ideal for my commute across the Quantocks. It allows me to take the scenic route(s) if I want.


    I didn’t think cyclescheme was worth it really unless doing it for £500 as the tax benefit is only worth doing around that price now. Used to be excellent until they moved the goal posts. Plus some bike shops add 10% to cover admin cost, so be careful.

    Recommend having a look at sunsetmtbs

    They do 0% finance for example a deposit of £89 (for a bike worth £899) and 18 further payments roughly of £44. Pretty reasonable.

    Sunset sell cannondales also trek, orange (new clockwork?) etc probably worth ringing if you have a bike in mind but model not listed.

    Just an alternative option to cycle scheme, worth working it all out. Don’t forget the end percentage with cycle scheme you have to pay.


    My last Cyclescheme deal finished in December, it was a 3 year deal, I paid around 80 quid a month pre tax for the first 12 months (this worked out at around 51 quid a month actual loss from my pay) at the end of the 3 year deal I could keep the bike if I paid the tax on the Inland Revenue value.
    So my £1000 voucher cost me 12 x 51 = 612 + 48 = £660.
    I don’t understand how the Sunsetmtb 0% deal is better than that.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I did one but pulled out mid way through due to leaving, the costings were worth it. The more tax you pay the better off you will be hence it’s a bit of a stupid scheme where the people can afford more bikes save the most.

    Do the costings, look at what you want, do the sums and then decide. Make sure you get the final payment and of your on the 1 or 3 year extension.

    If you’re happy to get credit you might be able to get a bargain on what you want so other buying options are available. If you want to buy from your LBS then cyclescheme is great.

    You did forget to say what you wanted the bike for?

    Premier Icon Moe

    The MOD don’t actually do the cyclescheme but do do a cyclescheme of their own. You choose how much you want to borrow, how many months (up to twelve) you want to repay over, check a box if you have chosen eleven months or less and want to defer first payment and hey presto, following pay cheque, there it is ready to buy your bike from where ever you like at whatever deal you can get (The retailer will only know you have the readies!)

    Who would’ve thought it! A government department that’s actually made something easier!!!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    A red one. You should definitely look at a red one.


    I will be discussing the scheme through with my employer to find out all the details…

    The bike will be used for a little commuting (off roadish mostly). I also intend on using it for backpacking trips etc.

    I currently ride a zesty, so I am looking for an hardtail and everyone seems to be pushing 29ers (of which I have not ridden or tested yet).

    Having spent silly money over the years and now know more money does no always mean more/a better bike. So I am looking in the range of up to around £1500 maximum spend.


    looking at the another cycelscheme here, this time for a HT. My cross bike has done several thousand miles to work. Want something that is a little more off road capable for some of the different routes I can take.

    I’m waiting for the 2014 models to come out, and then probably going for that middle wheel size.

    For models – the Cubes look good, also Scott scale ?60. I like the look of the pinnacle ramin 3 from Evans.
    Was in halfords last week and they had a voodoo wanga for half price, said all the stock bikes were now discontinued and they were selling them off. so 500 for Rev 15mm fork, mainly XT, decent HT. Shame it wasn’t my size.


    I did this to get my bike. Shoulda spent more towards the top end and got the omen that was in the shop at the time:evil:.
    its worth it though!

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