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  • Cycled every official route in Glentress today
  • monkeyfudger

    Not all of ’em. Once did the Black then Red then back up to the top of Spooky and down the “secret” trails. That was a hard day out especially coming down the steeper off piste stuff hanging out of my arse on a full on XC bike with the seat up!

    Good work, imagine you’ll be feeling it tomorrow!


    Meh, why didn’t you do Innerliethen as well? 😉


    Did you do Zoom or Bust and Andy’s Flume?

    b r

    Now go back and do them in reverse – we do this on a night.


    A couple of weeks ago I cycled the red and the black. A friend joked (?) I should do the blue as well to do it all. Took this as a challenge, so today I cycled the full length of every official route in the place – black, red, skills, greens, blue, freeride (only 1 route in freeride). Estimated 74k of riding, with est 1600m accent total. Took 9 hours including generous breaks. Felt good doing it, but feeling it now! Anyone else done this? Am I now ‘leet? 🙂


    so? you rode a trail centre all day? it’s not like glentress is proper offroad

    go and do it on a unicycle, backward, at night, with your bollocks on fire, being chased by a lion.

    Then I’ll be impressed

    (stealth edit,, aye not bad fella,, not bad)

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    Give the man a high five at least! It’s more riding than I’d manage.


    Just a bit of banter.

    I’m always suprised people don’t ride more when they go. I’m a bit of an xc whippet but given it takes me two hours to get there, a simple black/red loop combo doesn’t justify the journey.

    I was training for endurance races with the route above. So it was nice to get the height and distance. I covered much more ground and height on the GT7.

    I like GT because it has so many trails. No where else really offers you the chance for easy fun miles like it. No navigation, good ground conditions, fun downhills – makes for an enjoyable day out where you can focus on your riding and not worry about much else.


    Well done. I’ve done the red and black and then innerliethen in a day. Then I drove the 180 miles back home.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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