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  • Rscott

    So i get that the cycle to work scheme offers you a relife on your tax’s.

    My employers are new to it though and there not really giving memuch information. i want to get a road bike to cycle my 16 mile commute getting to works not an issue but coming back is all up hill hence the road bike.

    however what williactuly end up paying out of my own pocket, as i seeit the money that gets deducted from my tax isnt mine anyway as i never see it as i’m paye.

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    Do you know which scheme it is? There are a few.


    unforunatly not this is how little information we have been given. will try and find out though


    As an example, the C2W scheme my employer offers (assuming you pay tax at the 20% rate):

    Cost of Bike: £500
    Vouchers: £500

    Gross mthly cost: £41.67
    NET mthly cost: £28.33 (gross minus tax & NI)

    Tax benefit (saving) over the year: £100.00
    NI benefit (saving) over the year: £60.00

    Total Cost to you Over the Year: £340.00

    Plus tax at your basic rate on Fair Market Value: £18.00
    (set by HMRC at 18% bike <£501, 25% bike >500)

    Cost to Own the Bike over 12 Months: £358.00

    (Plus we get 15% of voucher amount as a ‘bonus’ for accessories if we buy through Halfords, so for £500 voucher this is another £75).

    An outrageous waste of taxpayers money!

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    There’s a good guide to the various schemes (well links to em anyway) on the PlanetX site:

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