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  • Cycle to Work Day tomorrow – plans?
  • large418

    I’ll drive in for a change. The roads will be empty and the showers packed so am looking forward to the peace and quiet on the roads. Having got my hopes up it’ll probably be no different to normal and I will wish I biked the 16 miles in to avoid sitting in traffic.

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    A pootle over Kippenrait Glen road, as usual when I manage to bike.

    Premier Icon allfankledup

    I rode to work on my vacation – 45 miles, so not enough hours in the day to commute that distance by bike.

    Wfh tomorrow though, so excused that run. Might have to go attempt the peaks around Kilmarnock in the evening though, trying to keep up with roadies on my CX…


    Really?! It’s early September, it’s not exactly gonna be impassable! MTFU.

    I know what you mean, but my route uses some very quiet rural roads that tend to get lots of mud and debris washed onto them after heavy rain – not really my idea of fun, on a road bike.
    Anyway, my drive home has confirmed that all is clear, so it’s all go for the morning.

    You live in the UK, put mudguards on it…

    Mudguards are for my mountain bike, and I’m not riding that 26 miles each way, on the road (again)


    Meonstoke to Almaty tomorrow, 3500 miles, five time zones. Which tyres?

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Can I be excused?


    Haha.. great routes..!

    Erm.. 3500 miles?? Thats just 3499 over my 1 mile commute this morning I’ll have you know. 😯

    As is, I braved the drop in temperature, it’s gone a bit cold here in town today and felt a cool breeze n my thumbs 🙁 As I turned the corner on Millwall Dock I spot a film crew and a whole load of crew buses and trucks parked all along the Dock and Sailing club.. All looking a bit serious and lots of people with megaphones shouting “Shhhhuuussshhh!!”


    I pulled into the bike docks (we have two very large ones) and there are fewer bikes i them today than normal days 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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