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    Try to set up a staff cycling group. Start off with an agenda to look promoting cycling, bike to work days etc to get the bosses on board. Then, as you gain favour and power, move on to improving facilities and eventually bike to work scheme. Get testimonials from other companies etc. They will come round eventually, but you will need to work with them.


    Name and shame

    dmiller – I feel your pain. I've worked for the last 2 years for a division of the worlds largest logistics company and having badgered them for almost as long about setting up a C2W scheme they've finally gotten around to it.

    Unfortunately they've set-up one in conjunction with Halfords and have set an upper limit of £500, which rather limits the chances of being able to pick up a decent commuter bike.

    I suppose its better than nothing though.


    Looking for a bit of advice from people that have managed to get their companies to join the cycle to work scheme.

    I work for a large IT company with over 70 thousand employees worldwide. On our Uk site we must have at least 500 employees on my site, probably about 1000 uk wide.

    Despite 3 years of badgering them I cannot get them to take part in the cycle to work scheme. It took me nearly 6 months to get a place to lock my bike up in the car park (they couldn’t spare the car spaces! seriously! 😕 ). Anyways it used to just be me that cycles to work but judging by the bike racks I would say that there are about 20 employees that regularly cycle to work and a fair number more that come in when its sunny. Our facilities team and site management are so poor they have no idea how many people cycle to work – this is a guess based on bike numbers and people I know that borrow my pump etc 😉

    I have finally got it in writing that the reason that they are not doing the cycle to work scheme is that its "just to much hassle" for payroll to arrange. They decided to offer it but as a one off deduction rather than over 12 months, but as you still need to earn the national minimum wage for that month no-one earns enough to take them up on the offer!

    However publicly the company prides itself on (loudly and annoyingly) saving the environment. It does the usual stuff likes plants trees and switches lights / computers off when no-one is using them. Also we have separate bins for recycling etc, but all the rubbish gets stuck into one collection as they can’t seem to manage to arrange separate collections. It looks good for showing customers around the site though to have the separate bins.

    So how do I get them to do the cycle to work scheme? Should I just give it up as a no-hope?

    Does any-one have any advice? Any one in a similar position that has managed to change their companies mind on this?

    Don't despair. Our work ticks most of the boxes that you mention and washes that down with "cycling is incompatible with our health and safety policy".

    However, they have just announced C2W through the Cyclescheme! So don't give up hope that they might see sense


    franksinatra – thats good advice! Any tips or ideas on promoting cycling? Based in the west of scotland so rain / effort is an issue for people.

    CaptJon – I would if I didnt want to join the reduncancy group here. My company has a team to catch employees bad mouthing it. Really 🙁

    Sootyandjim – thats not so great – sorry to hear that! Although £500 might get you a decent frame (those boardman bikes dont like to bad) to build off!

    Do you have any sort of employee forum, consultative council, etc, that you can raise it within?

    You could name them by being sneaky spelling it! 😉

    Ignore going through HR and go over their head to higher up the scale.
    IME HR are against anything which needs any effort and doesn't immediately save them/the company money.

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    Do they offer the childcare voucher scheme, or any other salary sacrifice benefit? C2W is no more hassle to set up. Call me cynical, but it's not surprising that female-dominated HR can spare the effort to set up schemes that they think will benefit themselves.

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