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  • Cycle path construction guidelines?
  • cynic-al

    Any mouth-foamers should have a look here to see some claims that have been made arising from incidents like mine, and RTCs. The author of the site appears to be MAKING A PROFIT FROM THIS!

    My favourite: “Cyclist using cycle lane hit by car turning left at junction. Attempt to claim contributory negligence on the grounds that the cycle lane was clearly an unsafe place to be. Settled in favour of the cyclist.”

    “Cyclist in school group fell on steep moorland hill, injuring following cyclist. Engaged by plaintiff in claim against school, to assess quality of supervision of group. Attended court, but case stopped when it became clear that the plaintiff had wrongly identified the crash location and was an unreliable witness.”


    Anyway… If the council told you to clear off, then they think cycle paths that buckle wheels are fine… go after them.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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